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Wild Intentional Living

Daily life unscripted

the beauty seen in the chaos

mayhem & magic.

It’s time to collect the beautiful in life.

The gathering of the adored.

There is elegance & the majestic hidden in ordinary life.

The sacred mundane.

If we would only notice…

Sprinkled with sadness

Twinkles of hope & kindness

a beautiful mess.

It’s time to notice the tiny, beautiful things.

To feel the moment.

Taste the inspire.

Cherish the expire.

Be captivated by this now.

There is so much soft, wild love here.

Catching fireflies

Touching earth. Smelling pencils

Tasting this sweet life.

When did you last butterfly kiss the sunshine?

Massage the dirt under your feet?

Let today be the day you indulge in deep gulps a sigh-filled sips.

The day you showed up, with all your senses, as


Open to the receiving of all there is

Attention will be paid

This life will be adored.

I wish our presence

be flowing of radiance,

a beautiful light.