Nine. Seventy Two.


  1.  being pulled to hiatus
  2.  a need to pull inward, as all around is opening & blooming
  3.  missing the most secret & deepest part of me
  4. Somewhere between the minute particular & the essence lies the land of poetry.” –May Sarton
  5. “Absolute attention is prayer.” -Simone Weil
  6.  Back to the beginning, with hand on heart, so promising…
  7. my body whispering to me,  “come back and nourish me.”
  8.  this tender light, warming my opening into perfect soft sweetness
  9.  and I say to my heart: Rave On.

I am taking a break for a bit.  How long is yet to be seen, as I journey into the best and darkest part of me…


Oceanic Intimacy

B&W waterfall
Hengki Koentjoro


It embraces, cleanses, quenches, baptizes.

Allow tears. Let the water of your tears release you emotions and lift them from your body. Allow you pain and sadness to become a quenching taste upon your tongue. What does your sorrow taste like?

Stand in the shower and sway in the way the water caresses your skin, flows over every curve and angle of your body, as it penetrates the seam of your lips and eyelids.

Drink water. Feel it glide smooth down your throat and bringing your cells necessary and desired hydration.

Create an altar of water and leave out overnight to be infused with moonglow energy overnight. Drink from in the morning to begin your day within dreams and night energies.

Write words of affirmation upon bell jars and sip from throughout the day. Hydrating your cells and lubricating your mind with positive things.

Immerse yourself in water. Close your eyes and relax into the flow of the warmth around you and allow yourself to be held in its warm embrace.

Find the things which water your creative soul. Filling ones well and living from the overflow.

Deep Oceanic Beauty





Feeling Lit

lit up dandelion

Show up in full presence of yourself with your soul bared and your heart opened.

Your nakedness and raw vulnerability is what is most desired.

Allow and completely surrender to whatever it is that may be calling to touch you. To feel your skin, to know your textures, to graze your surfaces.

Where the light caresses…

Love must start in one’s own skin. Showing up fully as you are.

Dance into some soul-grinding worship of you.

Do you know, really know, every bit and particle and flesh and palm full of you is sacred?

Feel your beauty. Claim it. Own it. Become it.

Become unraveled in the presence of Beauty, allow her to penetrate your senses.

Beauty is you.

When it comes to your body, what feels like love?


Pleasure is as divine as any cathedral, any temple. -Candice Holdorf


Show Us

Match lit
Pinterest Image

Soft and cold

smooth and rugged

I am here with you and

I am in awe of your wonder

your depth

your harsh lines

your shadows

It brings out the light you carry into even sharper relief.

I see you.

You are unique, significant and extraordinary.

Keep showing


How can you best show yourself today?


Nine. Seventy One.

1. Strawberry flowers & dandelions, Spring is springing!

2. “he must go unprotected that he may be constantly changed” -Gerald Heards

3. Want does not seem to be the same as care.

4. Let your love light shine

5. and freak flag fly. Just. Be. You.

6. Run away into a world we designed…

7. Are you here?

8. Reading This Messy Magnificent Life. By Geneen Roth.

9. Kindness. Openness. Real.

Pic of mine, I like the way there are three different flowers at play.

Surrender into Senses

surrendering flowers
Pinterest Image

Surrendering to our sensual natures-feeding the flames of our internal desires and relishing in the lush language of our innermost intentions and wild awakenings.

It’s time to have an intimate love affair with the one you are deep inside. Your heart needs your body to inhale the wild scents of love and adoration. Delve into the raw, the gorgeous, the grit, the sacred, the deep.




Discover how this life-giving energy fuels your creativity and immerse yourself in the sensuality of your daily life.

The sensations of desire lead us to the sacred. The longings, the desires, the aching reminds us of Spirit. The Spirit which creates, destroys and longs for connection deep within us.

This ravenous power and gentle ease fuels creative flow.

You are ripe with full potential of your own soul’s essence.

Stand full in your power.

Burn with the fire of sacred, sensual love.

When was the last time you surrendered into your sensual nature?

Opened to your raw passions?

Part of the Silk & Shadow series, prior parts are:

Seduced by Spirit, Sensual Seduction, Prismatic, Remembering and Masks

Seduced by Spirit

Pinterest Image of Surrender

Taking in life through the senses. The five we know best-sight, taste, sound, touch & smell. And the one which gives us so much in secret-intuition.

When was the last time you took in the world through each sense?

The time is now.

Feel the world through fingertips, scents, eyes seeing, ears keen and tastes savored.

Pay attention to the way smell brings back memories, sight lights your soul and taste ignites your passions. Bring all of your awareness to this wonderful moment filled with sensations.

Spending so much time in our heads is hurting us. The mind shouts with voices, filled with fear, comparison and anger. Judgement, shame and guilt.

Step into your own confidence. Claim it. Own it. Become it. Pulse with wild ferocity.

Walk Worthy and with Spirit.

You are secure and safe.

Sensual and being seduced by Spirit.

Enough and perfect.



When was the last time you felt Spirit calling you to dance?

Nine. Sixty Nine.

Simple Lovely Dandelion (pic of mine)
  1. Drenched in the sensual reality of this moment.
  2. Embrace your Enough.
  3. Remember your Prism.
  4. Seduced by spirit.
  5. Seduction is all about listening to your intuition and trusting the tide of desire. -Kitty Cavalier
  6. Release. Open.
  7. Surrendering into the sensory. The feel of living.
  8. I speak of the erotic as the deepest life force, a force which moves us toward living in a fundamental way. -Audre Lorde
  9. Discovering deep/ dreams & the sensual feel/ of desired dreams.


“Feel the light with all the senses.”

Awareness of masks we all wear and the why behind them.

Delving deeper into your own signature. The place where you vibrate with vulnerability and authenticity.

We long to see you.

To know your multi-faceted depth.

Your prismatic personality and stunning essence.

No returning to the false masks you wear to cover your true identity.

We need your true


Step tenderly and fully into this lit up space of light-filled gray.

What does it mean to be authentic and vulnerable and prismatic to you?