Playin’ in Sunshine

When was the last time you let the light dance in your hair?

The last time you let the sun touch your skin & leave warmth there, whispering of Spring?

When will you discover the sensation of sunbeams upon your forehead, landing like a tender kiss?

How soon will you uncover the light always beaming inside you?


Nine. Forty One.

1.  The soft hush of winter woods, beckoning enter.

2.  How do the small creatures stay warm in such bitter cold?

3. Breath in puffs of smoke, lifted to the sky.

4.  So. Much. Silence.

5.  I relish the way the cold makes steps quicker & with purpose. A time when others move as I do. 

6.  “Peace is every step” -Thich Naht Hahn

7.  Aware everytime my skin touches my skin. A flame in each fingertip, leaving a trail of warmth in the wake of the whorls.

8.  Dancing.

9. Peace descends everytime I see the picture above & can’t help but sigh & soften.  Beauty.

Nine. Forty.

1. I believe in the importance of writing through, dancing into your dreams and knowing you.

2. Soft sweet enoughness. Deep sighing.

3.  What would it be like to dwell in the softening?

4. A Paradox Sideways: a life scripted in chaos of dreams shattering & glittering. The title of my memoirs.

5.  You are wanted in your wild, especially then.

6. Trust me, you’re lovely.

7.  Let’s pretend…

8.  I want to be strongly & honestly myself.

9.  “At some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. You don’t need to photograph, pain,t or even remember it. It is enough.” -Toni Morrison 

Nine. Thirty Nine.

1.  The pink in the new day’s sky. Blushing.

2.  “A wild invitation to extend your imagination.” -John O’Donahue

3.  Adorn myself in my sacred.

4.  I long to touch & know your reverence.

5.  This impossible sadness will raise my compassion.

6.  One bad dream after another last night.

7. When will I once again dream juicy truth?

8.  Little Miss in rain boots worn by both brothers. So cute.

9.  The river flows under the ice. Ripe with metaphor. 

Nine. Thirty Eight.

1. You deserve wow.

2. “Are you happy? I want you to be happy always…  you are dear to me…”-Favorite Uncle

3. Will I be able to say I have been a good mom. Will I get that right?

4. Who has my back?

5. Was just trying to leave something behind.

6. I need to be held. Open hands. 

7.  Baking bread because I want it to help.

8.  Their singing & asking me to dance.

9. I think I might have broken something.

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Nine. Thirty Six.

1. Hair held by hairpins, hairspray & hope.

2. Is there a life spray?! Harhar.

3. A walk in the dark & rain. A cleansing of a kind.

4. Windows of opportunity. 

5. I am disappearing, again.

6. These broken wings of hope & trust.

7. So, now, what will I do?

8. I am in the mood for so much delete & fresh start beginnings.

9. Dappled sunbeams flick

   Light on my upturned face, I

   Crave the sun’s kisses.