Nine. Ninety Three.

telephone half

  1. What if we felt our way through life with our feet?
  2. I want to be a writer who sips Earl Grey and writes series, in reality, I drink vodka and scrawl poetry.
  3. I don’t know.
  4. When you say a bunch of things because you cannot remember the word. Resourceful.
  5. Am I allowed to ask that?
  6. In-sync rhythm and destiny? More than a maybe. Truth be.
  7. A birthday soon. I am in sad.
  8. Open hands. This comes up again and again. Open hands.
  9. Wearing a wide brim hat and black ribbons. Only that…

Your are Amazing


Light UP in the Amazing

Today bask in the world of your dreams. There is so much power in visioning & hope.

Just by clarifying your ideas, you make them more likely to come true.

Tell someone else. Let them help you. Open your hands to the aid all around.

We all want to see you. Watch your dreams unfold & bloom. Humanity is here to cheer you on.

When one person is living in their passion, a ripple occurs & more dreams come true in the after.

Be the beginning, keep it going.

Pour on the gratitude & feel the happy.

Live in the waters of change & progress.

Dance into these new adventures with eyes & hands & heart wide open. Experience the possibilities & embody joy. Even if you fall, get back up. Again.

All in.

Dearest Dream Doer, 

Thank you for being here and doing the work and dreaming the dreams and being truly, amazing, you. 

This world needs you. 

Keep Dreaming,  

Continue to wonder & wander
this life is truly and amazing experience
as are you.

Fall in love with ourselves
Romance the wild within
Feel our spirit rising in our own skin

Write Wild, Live Amazing,


Let Them Fly

bee on a broken flower

Discarded Dreams

There will probably be discomfort in the metamorphosis  taking place. You might not want some of your dreams, they might have expired before fruition.

All is well.

You might listen to your dreams & realize they are not for you. A misunderstanding, misinterpretation, wrong timing.

After hanging out with the idea of the she I want to be I realized: my female is just a fantasy. Not even possible in reality (unless I learned not to sleep or eat or feel or could trade bodies with anyone else).

I hold her image in my hands, feel into her needs, & then I let go. Rest. In peace.

The ache of her absence is still felt sometimes, but I have overwhelming hope that I am going to be so much more than even I can imagine.

And for the dreams past their prime, write them down and burn the paper. From the ashes & shattered heart pieces

We rise.

Spirit Animal Hunting

bee on clover

Awaken Your Animal

Our calling today is to find our Spirit animal. The fellow Earth dweller we most connect with.

Close your eyes & hold your heart.

Who do you need? 

Eyes wide & now you must look.

Notice what you see with eyes wide open to possibility. Seek out your Spirit animal. Does a crow call to you, a butterfly tap your Soul, a chipmunk chatter just for you?

Be open and ready for your animal to find you. It will find you, today or someday very soon.  Be ready.

Maybe it will not be exactly what you think. Maybe the butterfly is a moth. Perhaps the quick fox is a dozing dog, or the black bird you seek is actually a white feather from a chicken? What if your Spirit speaks through a peacefully floating fish or a hard-at-work ant?

Try (I know it can be a challenge) to be open today to whatever ends up in front of you. Toss the assumptions & notice your new friend.

May you find your Spirit animal soon.


This picture is not mine, but is it not divine?!

Fall in love with ourselves
Romance the wild within
Feel our spirit rising in our own skin

To the growl, peep, bark you find,


The Pleasure Within

water on petals

Fully Present

Let us go for a stroll in the sky. Wander in the world. Take a road never experienced. Awaken to adventure.

Let this day be about simple wondering within your own backyard. Take some time to feel the Earth beneath your feet, the breeze grazing your skin, the sun kissing your nose.

Be fully sensually present.

Take in the pleasure of your senses. The startlingly simple delight of breathing . Taste the air surrounding you. Dance when you feel so called. Arms outstretched & heart open. No one watching. Twirl. Sway.

Bask in your own sensual beauty.

Run your light-filled fingerprints upon sensitive skin.

Feel the primal pleasure of being human.

We often dwell within our heads & forget the delight present within our own skin.

Our bodies are magnificent sensual creatures.

Wild abandon.

bloom vision

Being in our bodies is a lovely way to feel the sensation of being alive.
Such delight.
Yoga and dancing are fabulous ways to connect with our bodies.

Fall in love with ourselves
Romance the wild within
Feel our spirit rising in our own skin



Notice Your Life

sunbeams in a tree

The Lovely Ordinary

A time for evaluation & reflection on your today.

Look in the mirror and speak your truth. See your life in all of its glory & mayhem. The magic & mundane. The love & the dirt.

Take an honest view of your current reality.

Acknowledge what is working for you right now.

Notice what does not feel like light  and love.

By seeing our lives for what is truly happening, no stories or judgement, we can practice loving what is.

Our selves. Our bodies. Our people.

Loved as is.

When you vibrate with love & gratitude, your dreams rush to come true for you. Everything cannot help but be attracted to the wild, blushing glow of you.

The lust & wild love for life. Your beautiful, your ordinary. Now.

So beautiful. This. Now.

All the love.

One of my favorite ways to be aware and notice my life is writing down nine.

Nine Noticings
Just take an inventory or your life
your feelings
your thoughts
all the things
write them down
feel the shift

Fall in love with ourselves
Romance the wild within
Feel our spirit rising in our own skin

To your noticings,


moth on coneflower

Dialogue with your Collage

Let us take our vision board on a date. Make a bit of time in your day to be with your collage to sit & gaze and write what you see, hear and feel.

What do you see? 

A color story emerging, your muse, and new idea. A surprising thing, a lucky word, a bit of the absurd.

You will probably be surprised by what you uncover by just gazing at your creation. Allow the layers of understanding yourself better to unfold.

How do you feel? 

Design your life around the feelings within your dreams.

Your dreams want to come true for you as much as you want them too. You are in this together. Listen to them, feel them, get to know their inner workings and the true Spirit of you.

Let your writing instrument flow across the page, as your dreams tell you everything.

Are you listening?  

All the lovely phrases I find.
The poetry within the randomness,
and the dreams within the words.

cheer bliss vision

Enjoy your date,

Integration Day

sky burst

Integrate to Iterate

Wow. Look at you & the pieces you have created. The magic words, delight-filled images, a vision board and a mind map.

Not forgetting all the clarity & depth we have uncovered within our dreams.

You are amazing.

So today we take the time to allow all this work to integrate into our cells. Our brains have created & seen what are heart & soul have dreamed. Now let all these be digested. Absorbed. Taken in deep to vibrate our very atoms with which we are made of.

Take some time today to just be. Close your eyes & feel your breathe. Notice the sensations on your skin & the feel of the air filling your lungs again & again.

Drink in this present moment with all your senses.

We are made of the same stuff as the stars. Universe juice really does surround & infuse us from within.

You have infinite worth & we are so glad you are here.

Meditations from me for you to listen to if you would like
some moments just for you
to listen and breathe.

I really like the Gladden Your Mind one.

You are amazing.


Make it a visual collage.


Visual Collaging

Another day to play outside of your original dream space. Making a mood board from images & words torn from magazines can be surprisingly cathartic & so very fun.

Gather some magazines, 3-5 is all you need. Scissors if your are more the precise type, a glue stick and the back of your mind map paper is all you need to play today.

I like to sip something lovely and do the ripping & collecting part quickly. No dallying or article reading. Just pull whatever makes you smile, lights you up and pulls you in. No judgement. No edit. Just rip.

Take the pieces which you have collected and lay them all out in front of you. The floor is a great place to spread out all the images & words & you can literally surround yourself with your dreams.

See if there are any themes, color schemes, or word play you are particularly drawn to. Just notice.

Then glue it all down onto the back of your mind map.

Paper & glue play. Vision board fun.

vision board purple breath in


I am so glad you are here,

Mind Map Magic


Make a Map

For this fun, we leave our original writing place and venture to a larger landscape. This is where the dreams are scrawled into actions & into being.

Here is where the sides of your brain get to play together and the challenge of making your dreams come true is accepted.

Find a giant piece of paper. The bigger the better. Write down one of your dream words smack in the center of the paper.

Underline it twice. Circle it bold.

Place your open hand on the circle & take a deep breath.

Draw a line jutting from the center word and write a sub category idea or action. Then under that write another step or thought related to the category.

Don’t worry if another category pops into your head while working on another. Just draw another line from the original word and keep playing.

Mind mapping is a fabulous mess of barely ordered chaos. As things fly into your mind, you have a place for them to land and be organized.

blank journal

For more specific instructions on mind mapping, start here.
The original creator does a fantastic job of explaining how to Mind Map.
Sending you to the source, may you be empowered to play on this playground.
Your mind.