Intrigued and Enchanted

Find yourself and be that

I have been long intrigued and enchanted by…

The person we appear to be, the Beings we actually are.

The sensuality of each moment, the sensations we pay attention to and the ones we ignore.

The feeling within our dreams, the desires of our souls, the love of our hearts.

The prismatic chaos of color we truly are while trying to live in an edited write of black and white.

The curated and filtered and staged pictures we are inundated with manipulating us to believe we are not enough, need more of something, if we had this then we would be happy.

Paying attention. Being aware. Getting to know one’s self on a deep, visceral level.

Dancing in the dreams we have in our minds. So very unique, stunning and made perfectly.

Knowing happiness is here and now and only possible in the moment we are in.

Being in a state of non-judgemental awareness and feeling life through our senses.

I am intrigued and enchanted.

What is captivating your attention?!



Writing You



I long to see the way you write across a page in ink

what shape your thoughts take when slipped from your shoulders and onto the page

The surface of paper your pin barely scratched

what secrets and mysteries does your penmanship hold

let me know the way your letters slant just so

and the spaces between

are you the kind to press down hard upon the page

making marks which can been seen and felt leaving indents on the other side

or are you one to barely scratch the smooth surface as an inked sigh?

I am entranced by language and the way it is presented when written down upon silky pages longing to be opened. 

The words we choose to write and say mean so much. More than we can possibly know…

Write Yours

Pic from above is mine. Making wishes and sending love through ink and dandelion puffs.

Nine. Sixty Seven.


  1. So this is random & a slight bit of creepy, WordPress is posting things of mine in reader. On its own.
  2. Allow your purpose to dictate your strategy. -Jeremy Nulik @bigwidesky
  3. A poet and a samurai.
  4. In awe & ease.
  5. What newness can I cultivate?
  6. (but) for me, it’s an EVERY.
  7. Just want to be wrapped in his wishes…
  8. Fresh ink spilling rapidly, scented with fire.
  9. Spirit winks at you/a divine dance in play, it/wants to seduce you.

Photo of mine. The sky is such a beautiful backdrop and the feather-like quality of this type of tree. My favorite.

Yours Already

wild flowers
Photo by Emily Boyer

You do enough

You are enough

You are amazing, just the way you are

You keep searching outside yourself for the answers. You read the words of others, seek their council and insight, and ask their opinion of you.

Did you ask yourself first?

What if the answers you seek are already inside of you?

Everything you need is inside you.

Instead, seek out simplicity and awe.

What tiny little miracle will you see this week when you actively seek out the awe in the world around you? Capture these tiny, intricate details this week in words or photos. Simplify your life. Make space for miracles and bliss. Release the things that are fogging your vision. Open your eyes and see the succulence all around you. Longing for your eyes to shine upon them. Waiting for the gaze of your awareness lighting upon it. Enjoy!

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flamesRUMI

That which you seek is seeking youRUMI

What if the answers aren’t even the important part, but the questions are where life is?

The Divine

candle in a jar by the ocean
Photo by Jscottish

The current which flows is divine.

You are divine

The Divine lives within you. As you.

How will you listen to your true Spirit?

This divinity, this Divine Spark, is here to help you along your path. Lift you up when you trip and help you when you stumble. It wants nothing but the best, most wonderful things for you. The good stuff. All for you.

What does the Divine look like to you?

Browse through a magazine, carry your camera with your or skim Pinterest. Let the image of the Divine find you. Keep your eyes open and your heart receptive.

Today I am awakened to Divine Wisdom

Today I am open and receptive to Divine Guidance

Today I am grateful to Divine Wisdom for showing me the way to my dreams

Today I know the Divine Right Actions to take to achieve my goals

Today and Everyday. And so it is.

How might allowing myself to remember that I am Divine help me rest this week, even in the midst of my busyness? – Jennifer Louden

What represents the Divine in you?


The Moment the Sun Shone Again


Gray clouds covering a cold, wet Earth. A wind blows pricking at faces and fingers. Moods lower and smiles hide. A heaviness is felt by human and animal.




Each one here for a time and passing when it’s time.

The past few days have been this way, literally and figuratively. It has been felt in the outdoors and in my heart. Emotions on a sharp, precarious edge. Anger sparked and exploded. Sadness feeling like a weight causing shoulders to droop and head to lower. Sighs emerge from deep within.

How deep and wide will THIS time be?

How far and long will I have to claw my way out?

Scraping and struggling to emerge from the pit.

Difficult to know when in the hole.

During these times I DO know:

My life is good, my perspective needs shifting.

My heart is heavy, it will be light again.

My mind is warping reality, it will be true- reflective soon.

So I breathe.

Sit in the unhappy place. Not to fester, but to feel. To ask what my feelings are trying to show me. Letting them be directors, no dictators.

Uncomfortable. Painful. Tear filled.

Just breathe.

And then, today the sun came.

What fills your heart with hope?


Open Hands

What happens when I let go?

Open my hands to receiving rather than grasping for something else.

Open to help, community and friendship. Release the tight grip I hold on the beliefs which are no longer serving me. Release the need for perfection, quantity and doing more. Let go. Travel light. Let the heavy down.

What if?!

Would I feel empty, lost and forgotten? Will I miss something important? Will I be forced to be with myself? What will happen to me?!

I fear release. I fear the letting go. Such a great idea, in theory, but oh the practice is frightening.

And yet. My still small voice is whispering to try it. Do it. See what happens. Clearly, holding tightly doesn’t keep life from sifting through my clenched fingers. Uncurl them from my palm. Open my hands, heart and mind to wonder, possibility, and awe. It’s all waiting for me. Always there if I just open to receive. Release my fear, anxiety and disbelief. Try a new idea. Play a new tape. Let it all go. Typing those words I feel an unclenching. A release of a deeply held breath. A knot in my neck slowly unfurling. A flower bud opening.

For today, I will practice courage. I will let go of one thing that is holding me back. Today it will be letting go of my need for doing. Instead I will BE. BreathE. Inhale deeply and let go.

All will be well in this release. And so it is.

What will you reach for when your hands are empty?

Hope Whispering


Coffee journal peonie
_scelt on Instagram

Hope whispers from the blank pages of a notebook…

Hope is a dandelion puff, filled with seeds of wishing,

the soft blue of a robin’s egg ,

the arc of a rainbow swiped across the vast sky,

the steam rising from a perfect cup of coffee.


Hope smells like the head of a child after playing in the sunshine,

the scent of your love’s face just before you meet for a kiss,

the fragrance rising from warm skin.


Hope sounds like the click of a fresh pen filled with black ink,

the music of a minor symphony

and the rain falling on grass & tree.


Hope feels like sunlight on feet & face,

the perfect fit embrace of mother

and any kind of dancing.


Hope tastes like cool water upon waking,

a strawberry warmed by the sun

and a fresh pillowcase.

What are the sensual experiences of hope for you?

Sometimes hope can seem like a far-off dream or an absent friend or maybe even a long-lost lover.

I know this feeling of hope adrift. Leaving me bereft and untied.

I also know, hope is always here, along with love.

Because that is who you are.

Just in case you have forgotten your infinite worth and birthright of joy, for the next ten days there will be reminders for you to




Overflow with joy

Wander into the unknown

Know your divinity

Savor the miracle of a moment


Watch hope rise again


Nine. Sixty Three.

  1. The gift of total ownership…
  2. “At a certain point, seduction is over & force is being requested.” -Don Draper
  3. Sipping Earl Grey tea, tickles my face & nose. Steam & Kisses.
  4. Never doubt your beauty or your worth.
  5. How will you fill the page of your life today?
  6. At least I can still hold him in my dreams.
  7. Multi-lens reflection & the new perspective seen.
  8. Where do I add light?
  9. Whispering his full name on repeat as if his middle name is yes & his last name please

Nine. Sixty Two.


  1. The coffee is cold before I savor the first sip. ::sigh::
  2. All of my curse words used before 8:15. d&*/. Well, maybe not ALL of them. 😉
  3. Is it enough to just be “not unhappy?”
  4. I feel as if I am being broken down by other beings. Lack of quality sleep, always being watched, no respect and constant noise & destruction.  For what purpose?
  5. Please have Mercy on me.
  6. Stay here with me. Two days. Anyway we want to play. Just the two of us…
  7. He doesn’t know how he will touch her ever again.
  8. How do people come back from that?
  9. Wearing what you tell me. Lollipop dream…