Nine. Thirty.

1. He asked, “why did they have to go?” I still cry & I don’t know.

2. My voice has power.

3. I value mystery more than connection. Where does this leave me?

4.  She haunts me.

5.  I am having a hard time being here.

6. Candy corn scarve. Tis the season.

7. So, what do you say?

8. I’m a rebel just for kicks. Feel it Still by Portugal. The Man.

 9. Thirty days of writing nine noticings has been revealing, and now on to another thing…

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Nine. Twenty Four.

1. Her dance moves. A gallop, hip move & hops. Outstanding!!

2. Little white pumpkins are so cute.

3. He brings me dandelions. 

4. Creative crossroads. Choices. Conundrum.

5. How can I look in the mirror & like what I see?

6. Give me a glass jar filled with something deep red, envelop me in gray, a pencil & a page. 

7.  Running fingers through fine blonde hair & kissing into squish cheeks. 

8. His hate hurts my heart.

9. May my words & actions be of love & light.