Sacred Desire {#SEE}

Desire can be a most divine map






This Burn {#SEE}

learn who I was


mine before anyone else's


Who do you pretend to be?

Who are you, really?

Love Unfolding. Us. {#SEE}


Perhaps you have noticed, as I have,

the ache of an ever-expanding heart,

feeling almost too big for a torso.

It has grown with use

bigger, stronger, brighter

Your heart needs & deserves a bit of tenderness

and gentle holding

by you.

Unfold the layers of your heart and soul

Seek & find the unshakable,


part of your core.

Perhaps, the peeling back will hurt yet,

the smoothing back the folds feel like a soft dream.

Dance in the shadow of the unknowing

and waltz in the light of truth showing.

Twirling in gray.

Scripting in ink.




What are you ready to let go of?

What story do you want to live 

(& write)?

What is one thing you adore effortlessly?


Joining in?

Being Gray & Conflict

Being Gray {#SEE}


I see you

I see your multi-faceted depth

You cannot return to the dripping over-positive attitude, a false smile pasted on your face

You are multi-dimensional now

You might long to return to that time

But there is no return to the shallow

Step tenderly into this gray space

It is soft and cold

smooth and rugged

I am here with you and

I am in awe and wonder of your depth

Of your harsh lines, your shadows

It brings out the light you carry into even sharper relief



How can you best show yourself love & grace today?

What feels like love to you?

What is nurturing your mind, body & soul?

Let’s #SEE


Just joining us?

We have just begun here




we are blinded

by wants, dreams & needs

we don’t see reality

(I can be submerged by this tendency)


unsure of who i am

especially when I am a public/online

filtered, stages & a persona


be this, do that

leaves me wide eyed &

blurred minded

(Pressure to be consistent & constant & everywhere is leaving me bone dry empty)


all of me, every part & piece,

as a whole being,

is messy chaotic & so very human

more like art,

here to make one feel,

than beautiful,

which I long to just BE.

(the voice inside which says I am not enough, is a lie)


Ah the ever gray line

of fiction & reality

sometimes one, or the others

and sometimes all three

(not needing to be either/or this/that, it can be and/both bit of everything)


This conflict keeps arising

again and again

maybe it is time to

dance in self-discovery

write to see


(I, as are you, a one of a kind event, why not just be?!)

Let’s #SEE

Stunning Ethereal Emergency




What do you need to know?

What is your biggest struggle right now?

Would you like to dance in the now of questions with me?