Nine. Fifty Five.


  1. Why do you write? To be seen, to see yourself, for fame, for fun?
  2. Inviting in the feeling of…
  3. I want
  4. Laughter, tears, your embrace, your presence.
  5. Stay awake. Stay awake.
  6. Was all this so wonderful because it was brief & stolen? -Henry Miller
  7. Life is full of small pleasures.
  8. Cradling the opposites.
  9. This Song.

(pic of mine, the bracelets from my wrist)


Nine. Fifty Four.

breathing dreams

  1. Rain falling again and the gray is a feeling.
  2. Begin again. And again. And ever again. Begin.
  3. Erin Bode and her” St. Louis Song“. A gift of such truth spoken by a voice of riveting beauty.

4. Liberating Joy.

5. When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside. –Rumi

6.  Want to sleep under the stars with your hand on my heart.

7.  The moon and how the glow bathes me in warm dreams.

8. Let us all be fierce for one another. Love Warriors.

9. A world of ink & shadows,

seduces me to its pages,

I fear falling for always.


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Nine. Fifty Three.

let yourself become living poetry

I hear nothing in my ear but your voice

Heart has plundered mind of all its eloquence.

Love writes a transparent calligraphy,

so on the empty page my soul

can read & recollect. 



The “empty page” beckons…

when was the last time

you danced a pen upon smooth paper,

Allowed words to flow from your mind,

into your hand

guiding your fingers to pen

Your other hand holding the page steady

as your other writes with wild abandon?

Do you remember when?

You last wrote for so long you had to stop

and flex fingers and arch your back

and open your throat and heart upward

collecting more wonder from the universe

to attack the page again with ink?

How do you write?

Are you the type to press so light, words barely kiss the page

or are you (like me) you press so hard the script is felt as well as seen,

fingerprints can follow the lines and curves like a lover?

How do you love?

Do you like lines, keeping all within and contained

or do you like a completely blank page, grammar going wherever it may

do you doodle, add tiny things randomly, leave lots of blank space for meandering?

How do you dream?


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Nine. Forty Nine.

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  • Writing my own prayer & invocation.  This day, Divine Source, I declare my commitment to thrive in intimacy & gray truth &  & &
  •  This is my Sacred Rebellion. Showing up. Being just me.
  •  Crucified on the altar of surrender.
  •  He was my kind of different & I just want to be held by him again.
  •  “I have come to drag you out of yourself, and take you in my heart.  I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had & lift you like a prayer to the sky. ” -Rumi
  • Taken with boots on…
  • The transformative power of attention 
  • Let us stop today and notice our life
  • I just want to dream in beautiful possibilities…

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Nine. Forty Eight.


  1. I want a definitely, maybe
  2. “When I am dead even then, I will still love you, I will wait in these poems…” -Muriel Rukeyser
  3. Oceanic Intimacy.  Two words. I am not sure what they mean, but they make me feel something soft and wonderful. A glowing from within.
  4. Joy first, miracles second.
  5. My surrender…
  6. The truth is: you are so much more beautiful than you know.
  7. I dreamed of him hitting his head. The sound of his skull cracking against the concrete and the swelling which followed, creates an overwhelming sadness and nausea inside my soul. What is my mind making up?!
  8. Open your palms and/surrender to what is, sigh/and be lightly held. Haiku #148
  9. Last call kiss…

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First Look

First Look

Our sacred beginnings, a cup and a poem.

Your role of beautiful brilliance

especially when it is ordinary

You are

amazing, inspiring, incredible

You are

an eternal exhale

and you inhale renewal & new beginnings.

So full of flavor and the unique taste of you.

Make today BLOOM.

Set your soul free with serenity at sunrise


your story starts here…

How do you greet the day?

Your brilliance is showing, my love.



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