Yours Already

wild flowers
Photo by Emily Boyer

You do enough

You are enough

You are amazing, just the way you are

You keep searching outside yourself for the answers. You read the words of others, seek their council and insight, and ask their opinion of you.

Did you ask yourself first?

What if the answers you seek are already inside of you?

Everything you need is inside you.

Instead, seek out simplicity and awe.

What tiny little miracle will you see this week when you actively seek out the awe in the world around you? Capture these tiny, intricate details this week in words or photos. Simplify your life. Make space for miracles and bliss. Release the things that are fogging your vision. Open your eyes and see the succulence all around you. Longing for your eyes to shine upon them. Waiting for the gaze of your awareness lighting upon it. Enjoy!

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flamesRUMI

That which you seek is seeking youRUMI

What if the answers aren’t even the important part, but the questions are where life is?


The Beauty of the Unknown

Street Light of Eternity
Image from Pinterest

Lots of changes
Ever changing
Not sure who I am, where I stand in all of this craziness of changing.

Hope I will emerge triumphant-stronger, wiser and more lovely.
While in the depths of it I just don’t know.

Feeling lost. Knowing what I don’t want. Not sure what I do.

The unknown encompasses. Surrounds. So many questions. So few answers.

Fear of the unknown? Nah. Curious. I wonder and I wander.

I know who I love. I know who I need.

That is enough.

Creating oneself with the questions. Through the questions.

This is life.

What are your questions?

How are you living the questions?

Spring Conversation


pink flower

When was the last time

You talked with yourself?

Asked the hard questions,

Sat in the silence

& your heart truly felt.

When was the last time

You took yourself on a date?

Listened to your soul’s whispers

Over a slice of decadent cake

& whispered sweet nothings to your own lips.

When was the last time

you just held your body?

You heard your heart beat,

You felt lungs breathe

You noticed your center squeeze.

When was the last time

You were for you?

Cheered yourself on when the tough times were being gone through

Gave yourself a hug & a kiss just because you skin asked for it

Looked deep into your own eyes for the answers you sought

When was the last time

You truly believed?

You are worth everything you desire

Worth fighting,

Trying for

Loving more.

When, sweet friend.


If not now,


Second time around, seemed so appropriate for this new Spring beginning. When was the last time indeed…

Nine. Fifty Two.


ecstatic motion

Free flowing within form.

What makes a human being feel cherished, loved & seen? Is it different for each one/being? Is there a difference between love and affection? How do I not know or understand these things?

A dreamed of him back-lit talking about S and lonely.

How can I remind myself I am love(d)?

What if I trusted (just) my own imagination?

He gets 6 and 3 &&&. My words flow sweeter when he is with me.

She says, “you are depressed” and recommends a book I should read.

Breathe Soul-Fully.

What if life could caress, envelop &  hold me, in gentle strength and powerful beauty and magical mayhem?

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Dream-explore, discover, envision, wish, want.

Dreams are a way of knowing what will make you happy.

What do you love?

My deep dreams are peace & stillness.

Calm amongst the chaos. Deep breathes taken frequently & stretches with my body.

Play. Laughter. Tickles with Littles.

Feeling my body in the here & now. Grounded. Whole Complete. Move.

A flower patch for sitting near to dream & gaze into. A moon garden for sleeping under.

Smiles & Earth. Outside & open. Surrounded by wonderful smells of vanilla & honey. Beeswax & lilac. Blueberry & strawberry. Heaven scent. Teas for sipping. Wine in a tall glass. Delicate. Sucking the richness of life. Leaving this Earthly body empty. Used up. Emptied out. All dreams exhausted & spent. Fulfilled in their own way. Listening to the thoughts of others. Helping them on their path. Seeing the radiance in each of them. Holding the hands of my gentlemen & lady & walking together. Running. Filling our hands with dirt & mud. Learning in the world. Leaning into life full tilt. Exploring. To give the messenger an ear-full to send to the Creator.

What does your ideal day look like?

What parts of the day bring you the most joy & fulfillment?

If money, time people or life was no object right now what would you do, what would you start, where would you go?

What steps would you have to take to make your dream a reality?

If I could I would…

How about YOU?!

What are your deep dreams?


Playin’ in Sunshine

When was the last time you let the light dance in your hair?

The last time you let the sun touch your skin & leave warmth there, whispering of Spring?

When will you discover the sensation of sunbeams upon your forehead, landing like a tender kiss?

How soon will you uncover the light always beaming inside you?

Becoming. Me…


Photograph by Visarute Angkatavanich

Searching for me in all the wrong places.

The gorgeous guide, Hannah Marcotti, the inspiringly beautiful Kimberly Wilson, the nourishing Mara Glatzel, the shining millionaire Leonie Dawson, the Art of Simple lady Tsh Oxendreider, the woman who captures beauty, Susannah Conway, the journal amazing Jen of Journal Wild, the man of Zen Habits Leo Babuta, and the straight up powerhouse Danielle Laporte.

Not me.

Inspiration vs. Emulation.

Stepping away from the voices not my own. Holding space for the silent whispers of my heart and soul to reveal themselves.

Metamorphosis: noun trans·fig·u·ra·tion : a change in form or appearance : an exalting, glorifying, or spiritual change

I have been in a creative void these past few weeks. Feeling as if I am staring into a muddled well of hurt and confusion. I have been trying to wait patiently for the water to settle so I can see answers more clearly.

Like a caterpillar turned to goo before becoming a butterfly, I am in the transformation stage. In the gray space of uncertainty and discomfort I am nourishing and tending to myself. Keeping the tender, tiny bloom of a new beginning soon to unfold cherished and hidden.

It is taking longer than I have patience for!


In the interim, here are some ideas and things I have been doing to #fill my well with nourishment and inspiration.

  • Connect with yourself. Probably by being quiet.
  • Spend time alone
  • Go on a walk
  • Dance
  • Meditate the way you like
  • Sing with a smile
  • Laugh down to your belly
  • Pray any way
  • Try a new creative endeavor
  • Get a fish. The peaceful glide of one so light.
  • Rest-create a soothing space to have delight-filled dreams.
  • Light a candle and take a few breaths and watch the flame. Primal peace.
  • A new journal. Fresh starts for a new season soon coming.
  • Treat yourself with gentleness and speak words of sweet.
  • Vision & create your own unique self-care routine
  • Daydream, cloud watch, spend time outside,
  • Play in water (a pool, lake, ocean, etc),
  • Be present for a sunrise or sunset

Who or what is inspiring you? go & get some!

What can you do more of that makes you really alive & happy?

What can bring more playfulness, fun & celebration in your life?

What energy do you want to feel from your day?

What would you like your day to look like?

You are made of dreams, my inspire.

Clean Slate

clean slate

Let it be

this lust for life, all our

pride and joy.


Explore the power of your

black & white

and the ever-softness and

sensuality of grey.

Find your balance,

your life of paradox and grit of in-between.

Unleash the magic as beauty is amplified


explore your bit of serene.

This is the moment…

Where is your wild devotion?

What is your own quiet revolution?

Always by your side, Darling.




The Color of My Passion

piano keys of color

Dancing in deep peacock blue & opening to violet dreams

with whispers of palest, powdery blue and blushing, cotton candy pink.

The desire of you.

I write in black and white,

take pictures in that scheme too

because I think

the feelings are conveyed with greater depth & clarity,

in shadow and shades of gray.

But dreams,

dreams are a chaos of color



The rich hues leave behind

residue on my eyelids

and color my days


What makes your face light up?

Follow your evocative truth, ma biche.

In my Becoming I am…

blue flower in asphalt

Her in this Here


more myself

a curious dark diamond

a blue bird with raven wings

such a pretty little thing

with strong roots and spread wings

the simple goodness of giggles bubbling

a swirl of colors and shadow play

busted and whole

smooth and jagged

a perfect piece of broken soul

a woman caked in mud rising as wild

the one I want

tasting my magnificence

and am intoxicated with my scent


What are your ingredients today?

Darling, keep dreaming.

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