opened stargazer

Threading Dreams into Life

Today we will be weaving dreams within our reality.

Picking pieces & feelings of our desires to play in the fire of real life.

Notice how the day unfolds with your dreams close beside you.

Your visions tucked inside you. Like a secret in your front pocket.

I carry my dreams as strings of blue beads, ready to be twirled with my fingers as their taste of love lingers in my mind.

How will they hold up? Will they be refined, turned to ash, magnified, distilled, torn asunder, made to shine?

I dance with my dreams in my wild reality by asking them, with hands on my heart,

“What do you need from me right now?” 

Pause. Breathe. Feel into the question. Be the answer.

You & your dreams know what they need.

Gaze into them.

Merge with their mystery.

Opening to the wild possibility of things unseen.
Wandering amongst the beauty of dreams.
Being here, in reality.

Words of Wishes

notebook pencil and mug

Wishes on Slips

Take the words you have created & collected & write down the three which whisper most loudly.

Ethereal     Divinely Inspired   Sensual Presence 

These words carry the essence, the depth of my dreams. Just saying the words fill my mouth with delicious sensations of satiation. Whole body satisfaction. They guide my next footfall. My next best step.

These words are beacons. Your Spirits muse. The most perfect come hither gesture.

Feel how your chest lifts & your heart lifts & reaches when the words are playing upon your lips. Kiss.

If your words are coming up short, keep playing within your dreams, revealing can take some time and then

You just know

And so it shall be

Splendid wordsmithing.

a Stunning Emergence.

Seduce the Muse


Come closer, inspiration

You might have a tough time finding your dreams. Possibly your wishes are non-existent & scary silent. Even the lack of wishes can be dream telling. Silence carries secrets too.

Gift yourself space to stimulate the song. Start small, find one thing today which fills you with simple joy.

The sensation of sunbeams & fingerprints on skin, the first sip of coffee bliss, the lilting sound of laughter, the sigh of a happy ever after.

The more we seek the sensations & needs of our soul, the more we are surrounded. Enveloped within bubbles of our joy & sweet happiness.

Plus, the more we notice & are aware of the gleaming all around us, the greater frequency of the revealing.

See with new eyes today, step in with the mind of a beginner. A student of the stars, waiting to be wished upon. Your dreams will adore the attention.

Tempt your wishes to unfurl their wings & be seen.

Feel it UP


All the Feels

Immerse yourself in the feelings within the dreams. Uncover & discover the way your dreams make your heart & soul feel. Our thoughts can become things, provided we sit with them & listen to them sing.

Feel the melody and aching needs of your dreams. They need you to listen just as much as you need them near.

Take some time today to sit with your dreams & visions, to deeply feel within them. The raw heat of passion, the heart’s throbbing drumbeat, the way in which your soul lights & shifts just right when your dream enters your mind.

Know how your lips lift when in the presence of your passionate longings. Start building an intimate understanding of your dreams.

The feelings within the dreams. Allow them to flow through you, settling them into your present reality. These feelings are creating connections within your brain between this reality & the fantasy soon to be true.

Shivering ecstasy.


What’s In a Name…

just before the open

Name It

Name the place where your dreams are gathered, their home of address, if you like.

A collection in your bullet journal, a title on a notebook, label the digital folder where you keep your dreams.

A name carries weight & influence. Attaching one to your book of dreams, elevates them ever closer to reality.

Today we will seek out the name of our dream collection, a word or phrase to be used & filled with affection.  We will use it excitedly, like a lover you cannot wait to see. Whisper to it as you breathe. Make time to spend with your collection of dreams.

Come closer, my reverie. You are a breathtaking beauty, a fevered dream. You are blushing wild, a moon child,  inner sage, an untamed muse, my adored bird of blue.

Close your eyes & see what is written there, flip through a book or magazine for words which pull you, grab a dictionary & open randomly or choose your favorite letter & start there. The name will find you,

and it will feel right to your soul



Word finds.

Space Creation

puff in a web

Claim a Space

Let’s first clear a place for our dreams to go.

A simple notebook, a document, a note capturing app.

A simple pencil, a favorite pen full of stories or just your index finger.

Whatever makes your dreams feel

seen & recorded,

found & written down.

Make this a sacred dream holding place, where visions go to thrive and come majestically alive.

Make it easy to use, ever at hand and something you want to carry with you. Dreams, like butterflies, alight their perfection upon willing & still participants.

I like the feel & sound of a pencil on paper. I jot my tiny, purple hummingbird thoughts in my bullet journal, symbolized by a || surrounding each. For protection & easy finding. Their safe place to stay & nest. Ready for flight when the time is right.

If it brings you happiness & pleasure, add color, glitter & a spritz of scent to give the dreams lasting power & surround your senses in delight. The more you give them, the more they become reality.

So today, let us make a space for our dreams & visioning, ready to be filled with our next tiny & big things.


Rumi Starry
Pinterest Image

The Wild Unknown

where all is free, feral & wild,

Beauty Reigns.

Unfold your story while gazing within the space where the Universe began and continues to begin. Again and again.

There are places where the light caresses me and I experience a fierce grace and an intentional delicate pace of my movements. Time seems to slow and I am alive & awake in my senses. Places where my breath slows and my exhale releases my shoulders. Where my soul is seduced and my heart is wide open.

These places taste like freedom.

One of the places I find this awakening is under the night sky.  Sometimes all I have is a moment, a brief interlude to tilt my head and open my eyes wider to see the infinite above my head. To remind me I am both significant and not. Just a brief glance, for me, offers a shift in perspective. Another way to see.

Eyes focus on the light coming from just one bright star among all the billions of others.

I am as that star.  As are you.

Finding ourselves alive again, lite up among the other cherished constellations.

We have intrigue and new beginnings.

Destruction and creation.

Light and darkness.

Chaos and order.

A mystical essence filled with desire and sensuality.

Unfolding our stories.

Twinkles under the

moon and stars believing

in our own stories.

Play List:

Paint the Sky with Stars

All of the Stars and Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

Counting Stars by One Republic

What does the night sky evoke in you?


Kissing Wishes


A twenty day devotion to dreams and wild imaginings

Twenty days of

encouragement, prompting and playing within the landscape of your dreaming.

We will be discovering, recovering, and holding our dreams in a sacred, creative space.

In this collection you have the opportunity to play along and create a dream book for your own big wishes, wild plans and quiet yearnings.

Dream weaving. Vision dancing.


Whispering Dreams

Flighty things
It’s almost as if
they long to be
Into sound

Sweet voice coos:
Come here sweet dream
I long to hear & see you
I vow to hold you in open hands
& help bloom your secret plans.


What are you deep, wild dreams?

Your dreams are aching to be seen, my treasure.


Beginning July 5th

I will be posting of dreaming.

Twenty days of visions and reveries.

Among other things.

To boldly go…

Come with me.


Nine. Ninety Two.

1. A frolicking baby deer. Such joy in their movements.

2. An unfolding gesture.

3. A whole body answer.

4. The whispers we keep.

5. The start of something new.

6. Unique and exceptional.

7. How to taste. Let it surprise you.

8. This song. Makes me laugh to the point of obnoxious. The way his hands move and his facial expressions. Glee-filled with all the personality and expressiveness.

9. She was the most dazzling force…


Nine. Ninety One.

Picture from Adventures in Cooking
  1. A full moon watching over me and a robin flying beside me.
  2.  Asking Spirit, “what am I put here to do?” A clear response just after I finished the question, “write haiku.” 
  3.  I wonder if she is teasing me or speaking truth.
  4.  It is already so stupid hot.
  5. A dream of spilled strawberries and being held in his gaze.
  6. Open hands.
  7. Words and phrases with multiple meanings. Is it just for hiding? or for possibility?
  8.  Not mine to touch, though I long to.
  9.  Lead me…