The Color of My Passion

piano keys of color

Dancing in deep peacock blue & opening to violet dreams

with whispers of palest, powdery blue and blushing, cotton candy pink.

The desire of you.

I write in black and white,

take pictures in that scheme too

because I think

the feelings are conveyed with greater depth & clarity,

in shadow and shades of gray.

But dreams,

dreams are a chaos of color



The rich hues leave behind

residue on my eyelids

and color my days


What makes your face light up?

Follow your evocative truth, ma biche.


In my Becoming I am…

blue flower in asphalt

Her in this Here


more myself

a curious dark diamond

a blue bird with raven wings

such a pretty little thing

with strong roots and spread wings

the simple goodness of giggles bubbling

a swirl of colors and shadow play

busted and whole

smooth and jagged

a perfect piece of broken soul

a woman caked in mud rising as wild

the one I want

tasting my magnificence

and am intoxicated with my scent


What are your ingredients today?

Darling, keep dreaming.

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I Seek

key in a door

to leave ordinary behind for a time,

peer behind the veil

where upheaval & chaos prevail

(the state of my soul, a place I know well)

this space, so refreshing

where my mind unravels the dressings

which have been

keeping me wrapped, mummified and quiet

what if,

I listened to and chose to be




I am turned on when…

live lusciously, my darling


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Secret Message

paint over it in black

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the desire to start over is so strong

I am overwhelmed by the need to

burn, cover and toss

(the fire pit knows my name)

instead, this time,

I am going to deviate into a radically differently direction

taking the bits and pieces of creations past

create a canvas of chaos

weave words into connection

I have no idea, no plan, no long term goal

except to write it out

and bare my soul

it probably is not going to be a work of diary-like, non fiction

(been there, tried that, not so much for me)

it feels like it might be poetic truth telling veiled in fantasy

(this excites me!!)

a bit unknown

but I will

be a voice not an echo 2

House of Hispters free printable


the secret stuff I hide from myself…

What you need is out to find you