Nine. Fourteen.

1. This is one of my absolute favorite photographs taken by me.

2.  A passionate plea:  women are not prostitues, they are prostituted women. Change the language please.

3. Paid For by Rachel Moran. Read it and you will weep. See #2

4. When did human life become worth so little? Why? Most important: How can we change this story?

5. I want to know the smell of your skin mixed with fall leaves.

6.  I remember when ice cream was my happy place. Now it seems like a nostalgic has been.

7.  I miss seeing mountains.

8.  When religion feels like a noose.

9.  When I am so passionate about something, I choke on tears & my point is lost to the viewer. Write write write.


Nine. Thirteen.

1. Good food & excellent friends is an evening well spent.  Thank you.

2. Words hold power. Mind their use.

3. The breeze is beautiful.

4. The painful discomfort of sharing something so blade-tip tender.

5. I am so done with this day.

6. A bright moon illuminating a clear dark sky.

7.  What am I going to do?

8. How can I release the things I cannot change? Serenity prayer says I need to accept. Fu&#.

9. Acceptance feels like allowing & tastes like dead animal in my throat. 

Nine. Eleven.

1. We must never forget.

2. Because dinner prep can be paused while I dance with my naked baby.

3.  The pinks in the clouds, just brushed underneath. Cotton candy.

4. The spider I see every morning in the corner.  I believe it is a she & moves so sexy. And creepy.

5.  Hair. I have a lot to say about it. And nothing at all. In both awe & appalled.

6.  Just because you have one belief does not mean you must demonize the other side. Seriously.

7. Giving a nod & thank you to the construction worker with the STOP sign makes me less angry. Slightly.

8. National Coffee Day today. Magic in a cup. Sip it up!!!


Nine. Nine.

1. The first sip of something hot & my shoulders drop away from my ears.

2.  The sound of black walnuts hitting the ground, like shots falling. My gasp & then short laugh. A bit on edge already this morning.

3.  How I long for his kiss, but when he gets close I disappear.

4.  The color orange is grating & the color blue is hot, purple is soothing & green is growth, white is space & black is possibility. My color stories.

5.  She sighs against my shoulder as if she has been holding her breath for too long. 

6.  One sided conversations are better than none I guess. Not so sure…

7.  Naked babies running in the water & sun. Wonderful, simple, fun.

8. Seeking adoration & interaction in wrong places leaves me empty & heavy.

9. Love is everywhere.

Nine. Eight.

1. Inspiration is truly everywhere. I need to find my exhale.

2. She teaches me something every time she speaks.

3. I want a room full of silence & candlelight, lightly scented with honeysuckle.

4. My life is full of mayhem, chaos & mess. Finding the beauty here is a practice & requires patience.  I squint to see beauty, and it is here.

5. Trying to hold a hug for 20 seconds. The amazing calm felt at about second 17 is incredible. Hurray happy brain chemicals.

6. How can I guide others to writing & being deep? Who would I need to be?

7.  I really want to guide those in correctional facilities & soldiers returning home to find their true essence & write their hurt & hope. Brings tears to my eyes whenever I dream this.  I do not know who they need. I do not believe it is me.

8. Mothering takes so much of me. Too much. I am left empty & too full. Why is this role so hard for me?

9. Vulnerability hangover. 

Nine. Seven.

1. This proud green one. Perched patiently  for pictures. 

2. I see my face in the mirror & it looks softer. Seems to hold less tension & rage.

3. Rising heat from my coffee feels like a kiss on my cheeks.

4. This body, once again all mine, needs to be known again. She needs to be heard.

5.  The way he runs, tongue involved too. Wide smile as he covers ground.

6. She likes me more than her blanket, right?

7. The simple happiness of a weed bouquet given away.

8. “If it is messy you are doing it right.” Seems true for life, creativity, love & much more.

9. I ache for clean and simple.

Nine. Six

1. I always want to remember the softness of her skin & how she smells so good.

2. I do not know what to do with the energy & story surrounding failure after so much work.

3. I miss his heart beating beside mine.

4. A party dress kind of day. For feeling festive & pretty.

5.  A plush monkey & giraffe & a golf ball. The things he puts in his underpants make me laugh out loud. 

6. Perhaps the fog has lifted. Oh I do hope.

7.  I can barely mother three & she is expecting her sixth.

8. I long to slow my hurried heart.

9. There is an energy to the anxiety & anger. Addicted.