Nine. Sixty Five.

  1. I felt lighter today & so very empty
  2. The sound of rain. Beauty falling.
  3. See me.
  4. How does it feel to be awake?
  5. Wondering. Always wondering.
  6. Covered in only raindrops and kisses…
  7. I laid my head on his chest just to hear another heart beat. My first born-I hear my heart.
  8. The noise in my life. In my head.
  9. Where is my noise?


Picture of mine. A found piece of beauty. 


Nine. Sixty Four.

1. “Don’t think about the work unless you’re doing the work.” – Ernest Hemingway

2. Fall in love with her soft blush

3. I just want to be his. Still.

4. New season, new mug. The blue of it is so gorgeous and fits my palms exactly as it should.

5. Now she says it might be ADD or ADHD. Oh jeez.

6. He gave me Vertigo.

7. On his desk, arms in a T, all his. Me…

8. I’m trying to understand her appeal.

9. New opportunity for Lady Blue!

Picture of mine. A bench to wish on & imagine wild things.

Nine. Sixty Three.

  1. The gift of total ownership…
  2. “At a certain point, seduction is over & force is being requested.” -Don Draper
  3. Sipping Earl Grey tea, tickles my face & nose. Steam & Kisses.
  4. Never doubt your beauty or your worth.
  5. How will you fill the page of your life today?
  6. At least I can still hold him in my dreams.
  7. Multi-lens reflection & the new perspective seen.
  8. Where do I add light?
  9. Whispering his full name on repeat as if his middle name is yes & his last name please

Nine. Sixty Two.


  1. The coffee is cold before I savor the first sip. ::sigh::
  2. All of my curse words used before 8:15. d&*/. Well, maybe not ALL of them. 😉
  3. Is it enough to just be “not unhappy?”
  4. I feel as if I am being broken down by other beings. Lack of quality sleep, always being watched, no respect and constant noise & destruction.  For what purpose?
  5. Please have Mercy on me.
  6. Stay here with me. Two days. Anyway we want to play. Just the two of us…
  7. He doesn’t know how he will touch her ever again.
  8. How do people come back from that?
  9. Wearing what you tell me. Lollipop dream…


Nine. Sixty.


  1. A cut on my thumb as a reminding of being so alive.
  2. The blush on my cheeks, flushed from a drink of vodka to please my tongue & float my brain.
  3. I want to caress my thumb over his smiling lips just before we kiss…
  4. Reverence-spoken as a whisper, the way each of the r’s escape on a sigh and the v is a bit lip, the tap kiss of the tip of a tongue against the roof of a mouth and the soft hiss of ” ce” is the trailing ending.
  5. Words need to be spoken out loud more often. They taste better.
  6. Meet me as the sun smooths down into the horizon, as inspiration for what we do…
  7. There is nothing like the sighs between these lines.
  8. “love deeply and without patience.” -Mary Oliver
  9. The ways in which he calls to me.

(pic of mine. Such beautiful simplicity in the pride of the clover)

Nine. Fifty Nine.


  •  She just wants to be…
  • When am I true to myself?
  • “Submit to love without thinking. “-Rumi
  • I am voicing concerns about mood-altering medication and he is talking about sunglasses.
  • They think they can mold & make them into what they want them to be. They are young human beings full of potential & power and magic and mayhem, not a pile of playdough.
  • take me in the sunshine while I wear only a dress…
  • Tears in my hair.
  • Up All Night on my fingernails, a deep blue to fall into.
  • We are made for so many tries.




Nine. Fifty Eight.


  1. For all that she is.
  2. I do not know where to go from here.
  3. Ever missing a part of me.
  4. The storm inside me is winning.
  5. Isn’t that what each of us want? To be the exception, to be exceptional and always remembered?
  6. Does he still notice? Care? Wonder?
  7. Seeking water for my creative soul.
  8. Ways to free my senses.
  9. It is snowing.

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Nine. Fifty Seven.

palm with water droplets inside

  1. I am dancing in raindrops gathered behind my eyelids, laughing despite the heavy feeling in my cheeks.
  2. He wants me counseled & seems to want me medicated. Why am I something to be managed & observed & talked to by someone else. Am I not worth his time?
  3. “I took a sip & saw the vast ocean. Wave upon wave caressed my Soul.” -Rumi
  4. Open to possibility & closed from hurt (how I am both simultaneously I do not know)
  5. He says maybe I would be happy if I wrote for God.
  6. I say, I want to write to empower others to find Spirit in & as themselves & honor this presence by living in luscious word play & delicious sensual freedom.
  7.  The want in #6 slipped out like water down my throat, cascading through my fingers with abandon.
  8. Young One gives me a “super kiss.” In other words, he licks my face. His love is wild & sloppy & loud I adore it & him.
  9. The best way to write & live & be. Ever softening & opening & wild & loud & adored & loving.


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Nine. Fifty Six.



  1.  I am made of earth & water.
  2. My intrigue is fading.
  3. Will I ever be so adored?
  4. The touches I need, the ones I am given. Such discrepancy.
  5. He calls and I remember & I weep for who I used to be.
  6. Do you miss me where you are?
  7. The sun is shining & the sky has two shades of blue accented lightly with soft white puffs of clouds. Beauty speaks.
  8.  Dreamed of a male holding my wrists as he gently tugged me to an open meadow full of shades of vibrant and green. I asked, “what am I to do?” I began to cry, and it began to rain. No answer, he pulled me to him and held me in the rain and my tears.
  9. we play in an astounding array of feathers, each one a wish & light caress…

(pic of mine, I am captivated by dew gathered on delicate petals)

Nine. Fifty Five.


  1. Why do you write? To be seen, to see yourself, for fame, for fun?
  2. Inviting in the feeling of…
  3. I want
  4. Laughter, tears, your embrace, your presence.
  5. Stay awake. Stay awake.
  6. Was all this so wonderful because it was brief & stolen? -Henry Miller
  7. Life is full of small pleasures.
  8. Cradling the opposites.
  9. This Song.

(pic of mine, the bracelets from my wrist)