Nine. 134.

1. When he tells me he loves me and says, “see you in the morning.” And he talks about a friend and says “I love her talking.” How did such a sweet being come from me?

2. Such splendid undoings

3. The heavy runs deep.

4. My soul feels tired. This chronic need to be affirmed externally is exhausting

5. I am open and softened and someone sees a way in and uses it to their advantage.

6. Please. Good morning & good night me.

7. When one lacks foundation, faith & family. What then?

8. “So dark, technically I don’t exist.”

9. Offer what is tender…


Read to you.

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. -Maya Angelou

Today is amazing. YOU are amazing. Do you know? Can you feel it?

Listen to the feeling of amazement the Universe has for you. The wonder present in the wind blowing against your skin, the water cooling your throat and the deep breath you draw in. There is an abundance of simple pleasures all around.

All is amazing.

Pause and be in this knowing. Capture the marvel of this moment with a photo and a whisper of thank you.

Yes, this moment. Miraculous. Yes, you. Amazing.

Questions to Pause With:

*What amazes you?

*What did you do today that was amazing & worth remembering?

What does your heart need to hear?

When do you feel like your true, miraculous self?

What are you words of affirmation?

When are you true to yourself?


Today I take the first step in my amazing journey

Today is amazing

I am wonder-filled

Photo background by Khongor Ganbold

Nine. 133.

1. When a new idea is tossed because of state laws. Boo.

2. Svelte.

3. Delicious isn’t she?

4. Charm my way in.

5. Shine On.

6. Holistic. Bountiful. Audacious.

7. Sacred destruction beckons & threatens.

8. Vivid. Vibrant. Vivacious.

9. Entangled in her…

Nine. 132.

1. Never fails to go deep.

2. What the? The low neck line without a crease. Reconsidering my fashion…

3. Every ending a beginning.

4. Holding.

5. Humility.

6. He.

7. She has so much anger and it scares me.

8. When a heart hurts so you bust out the Sharpies and let the random to dos and words land randomly.

9. Seen and held in such a way…


 Reading to you.

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. Nelson Mandella

It is the reflection on experience where we learn and draw wisdom. Looking into self. Uncovering the hidden dark and light places. 

Gazing deeply into one’s soul. Reflection and self-reflection. Deep work. Soul work. It is time to see into the true prism of you.

Say Out Loud
I choose to reflect before responding
My life is a reflection of my heart.

Questions for Further Discovery

•What do you see when you look at yourself.

•Do you enjoy you?

•What do you long to see?
•What simple pleasures bring you a sense of joy?

•What’s stopping you from accepting yourself and your life, right now?

•What remains unexplored within you?

Nine. 131.

1. Iced over outside, so I needed something blushing pink with life’s vitality.

2. “Take my hand. We will walk. We will only walk. We will enjoy out walk without thinking of arriving anywhere.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

3. Wildest pulsation.

4. Sacred destruction.

5. Adapt & Ascend.

6. My magic om.

7. “You are here to localize a cosmic celebration.” -Michael Beckwith

8. Enduring allure.

9. Wordlessly enamoured…

Nine. 130.

1. Spiral Inward

2. Spill Open

3. Write Wild

4. Live Amazing.

5. Nudge. Tilt. Shift. Edge play.

6. How we love a finishing

and all the bright new beginnings,

but what of the soft-belly meandering

durings? The sweet spot of journeying…

7. Raspberry filling and terrible bossing.

8. “I think I am becoming unfinished.” -Mark Nepo.

9. He watches her through a window…


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When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best versions of themselves. -Steve Maraboli

You are inspirational! Yes, YOU!
You inspire those around you just by being you. Oftentimes you are going through your day, unaware of those you encourage. The smile you share, the help you give. Taking care of others and often forgetting the importance of who you are and what you do.
You matter.
You inspire.
Take a deep inhale and know it is

Let’s seduce the muse already within you with each inspire and you are love.

I am an inspiration. I inspire.
I am inspired by the beauty within me.

Questions for Pondering:

•What and who has been inspiring you to lose yourself in the moment?

•How can you see the deep well of inspiration already inside your soul?

•What beautiful thoughts help you awaken?

•Where does your creativity come from?

•How can you be more true to yourself?



Want me to read this to you? Here it is.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. -E.E. Cummings
Strength and courage are drawn from breaths and the body. Deep and steady.This is the time to face fear, embrace uncertainty and act anyway. Feel the fear and move forward. Let go of that which does not serve you.

It is time to be the heroine of your own life, not its victim. Radically accept your I am…

Time to be totally, only and just YOU.

Courage triumphs!

Hmmm. The ponderings….

What does courage look like for me today?

What is one courageous act I will perform today?

Can we ever really know ourselves?What feels like love to me?

What remains unexplored within me?

You got this:

I will honor my heart by being courageous

I have the courage to claim what is mine

I embody and act with courage

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