Keep Going



Nine. Thirty Five.

1. Wrapped in the softness of gray and the hush of a new day.

2. Everytime I watch Labor Day I feel my heart soften & open in the best of ways.

3. Even when I watched it while editing a business contract.

4. I just want to hold them close to my heart, tight against my chest.

5. Writing until my heart gives out.

6. Seeking redemption in words.

7. Feeling my way to normalcy.

8. I am so in wanting.

9. I want his whiskey kiss

   On my parted lips

   Inhaling him into me.

Nine. Thirty Three.

1. May she be wrapped always in love & her favorite things.

2. “I have just three things to teach:  simplicity, patience, compassion.” -Lao Tzu

3. Where do I keep my heart?

4. Bleak. I feel like an empty echoing.

5. Where were you when…

6. I wonder if you think of me too.

7. But I am not being torn apart.

8. Wisdom in weeping.

9. Turning the page.

This Stunning Emergence


Knowing how I want to feel at the closing of a day, finding it now.

Visioning & creating rituals to nourish my soul.

Revealing my sexy & my spirit. Flowing from every part of me. All of me.

Being in the here and now. Seeing deep into my own eyes.

And a story only just beginning to be written.

This now.

Inexpensive Pleasures

simple pleasures.jpg

That first sip

the scent and feel of cherry blossoms unfolding

To know, in my soul space: I am unlimited

Dreaming of an Ideal Day

A time to connect deeply to the nectar of my heart

and drop into joy, as a prayer

Live Love Learn

Yoga in every breath and body movement

Exploration. Wandering. Wonder.

Fateful encounters



A moment just for me.

What are some of your simple pleasures?

Dearest, you are a delight.


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Let’s lead the way

dreams, draw, build your vision

courageously & fearlessly


Unfolding the next chapter in your story…

Give it a name

It will feel right to your soul

Experience More Possibilities


the feelings inside the dreams

smoothness, sharpness and hard to describeness

Mouthwatering Untamed Raw Wonder

To boldly go…

Light Up in the Amazing

I lost my heart there.

What are you deep, wild dreams?

Your dreams are aching to be seen, my treasure.

Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul. -Napoleon Hill

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So Write

B&W Echinacea

Set the stage.

A burning candle.

A blank page.

Fearlessness. Euphoria. Apply daily.


A place to play….

Bring forth truth.

Calling Spirit as guide.

Permission granted to dream wild.

Trust your longings, your cravings, your passions & desires.

Dance with questions.

Be genuine, real, raw, you.

Remember. Restore. Reveal.