Home Sanctuary

plate of flowers on linen

Retreat Rest Restore

The magic of home

it is a perfect mix of beauty & comfort,

rich, decadent & chocolaty,

velvet softness and brick & stone.

Our enchantment is always the goal

seek and find the


The best setting is the one that allows the extraordinary to emerge,

the meaningful moments to converge

into a stunning tapestry of your reality & truth.

Design your surroundings to inspire confidence and relax into

and set your intention

to enjoy the finer, simple things.



serving up yourself

over and over.

Spilling out


Where do you dwell with the Divine?

Sweetheart, home is you.


Who I Am {today}


I am as the sky. Open & ever-changing. Filled & empty.

I am woman, wild & wondering.

I am dancing chaos & simplicity, seeking peace & more. Always more.

I am keeping time in my life by watching the flowers bloom and wither, the sky fill with light & darken, laundry & dishes being washed & put away & washed again.

I am overflowing emotion & suppressed too much-ness.

I am a light worker. Spirit follower. Heart overflowing.

I am intensity. Fierce love & amorous whispers.

I am deep longing, extreme everything and believer in hope.

I am exhaustion & over-stimulation. I am nerves frayed & bleeding. Soul cracked & seeping. I am heavy. I am lifted. I am empty & full.