My 37

When the Surprise Lilies open their beautiful blooms, blushing a soft pink tipped with blue hues, I know my birthday is coming very soon.

This year, as a gift to my self,

For the month of August,

I will be trying my hand at story.

The snippets churning in my head, conversing with the characters created within, twirling in the weird, on the edges and putting more than my toes in.

So here for you, lovely readers, I have Fluid Beauty prompts for you to peruse and maybe join me in secret creations of your very own.

Cheers to this sweet whimsy and lush verge.

Write Wild

Live Amazing.

Nine. Eighty.

1. Dew on daisies. My favorite.

2. She stumbles. As all do.

3. A cigarette between lips & fingers.

4. This might seduce you.

5. Worth the push & direction. Guided.

6. Inhale me.

7. The things we hide. Interesting.

8. Why would you care?

9. Sometimes. That too…

Pic by me. This truly is one of my favorite things. Such a brief moment in time, the flowers full opening, the dew held just so without dripping. Ah me. Seduced. 

Nine. Seventy Three.

strawberries in a bowl
Unsplash photo by Anna Ogiienko

1. How I have missed being here.

2. The sound of rain as my gentle nudge awake. How I adore a day beginning just so.

3. What does he dream of?

4. Fallen

5. Like a French painting of a woman’s body. Such beauty, elegance & loveliness. What I wish to be…

6. Does he still?

7. Presence is where the payoff is. Be. Here. Now.

8. She calls me “baby” and I swallow a sob.

9. Chipmunks.

Nine. Seventy One.

1. Strawberry flowers & dandelions, Spring is springing!

2. “he must go unprotected that he may be constantly changed” -Gerald Heards

3. Want does not seem to be the same as care.

4. Let your love light shine

5. and freak flag fly. Just. Be. You.

6. Run away into a world we designed…

7. Are you here?

8. Reading This Messy Magnificent Life. By Geneen Roth.

9. Kindness. Openness. Real.

Pic of mine, I like the way there are three different flowers at play.

Brilliant Moments

Lighter Moment
Pinterest Image

Heart swelling. Tears welling. Breathe taken away


Captured. Forgotten. Savored. Surrendered to


The next one is here. Right now

The best one is here. Right now

Aware but not thinking

Capture your everyday sparkling moments in words or a photo.



Captured Moments from RadioLab

Life will bring you many moments, some good, some bad, some somewhere in between. Please take the time to reflect upon them, for every single moment will shape who you are from that moment on. Now take this single moment, and smile to yourself, and simply carry on to the next. – Marcus

How will you taste this moment?

Hope Whispering


Coffee journal peonie
_scelt on Instagram

Hope whispers from the blank pages of a notebook…

Hope is a dandelion puff, filled with seeds of wishing,

the soft blue of a robin’s egg ,

the arc of a rainbow swiped across the vast sky,

the steam rising from a perfect cup of coffee.


Hope smells like the head of a child after playing in the sunshine,

the scent of your love’s face just before you meet for a kiss,

the fragrance rising from warm skin.


Hope sounds like the click of a fresh pen filled with black ink,

the music of a minor symphony

and the rain falling on grass & tree.


Hope feels like sunlight on feet & face,

the perfect fit embrace of mother

and any kind of dancing.


Hope tastes like cool water upon waking,

a strawberry warmed by the sun

and a fresh pillowcase.

What are the sensual experiences of hope for you?

Sometimes hope can seem like a far-off dream or an absent friend or maybe even a long-lost lover.

I know this feeling of hope adrift. Leaving me bereft and untied.

I also know, hope is always here, along with love.

Because that is who you are.

Just in case you have forgotten your infinite worth and birthright of joy, for the next ten days there will be reminders for you to




Overflow with joy

Wander into the unknown

Know your divinity

Savor the miracle of a moment


Watch hope rise again


Nine. Twenty Six.

1. Twinkling sunbeams flicker through rustling leaves. Changing seasons, changing me

2. Find another way Love.

3.  Always time for a wish.

4. The day was so good. Simple. Good

5.  I feel more real.

6.  Though my words feel more sparse.

7.  Where does my power dwell?

8. Their happiness & laughter.

Nine. Twenty Three.

1. The cool weather today calls for soup!

2. She returns to her not sleeping habit. I go back to yelling.

3.  Listening to classical solo piano changes the way my heart beats.

4.  How can I help?

5. The fish still make me smile.

6. Black polished nails growl for glitter.

7. I magnify his stress, how can I just listen & let him know he is heard & held?

8. She pats my back when I pick her up. Comfort returned & given.

9. Today I shall be…eyes wide, mouth shut.

Nine. Nineteen.

1. When you wonder the exact pattern, amount of blood in your eyes & scar made from bashing your head into a mirror. #parents

2. When your mother tells you to stop caring about her & your dad. What does one reply?

3. Thank you to the sweet lady who watched over my child while I used the restroom. You are an angel.

4. He rolled down a hill to make his sister laugh. He is amazing.

5. He gave us each a hug & kiss & said “I love you.” My heart melts.

6.  She continues to hurt me in new & inventive ways. 

7. I think stationary is a simple pleasure filled with hope.

8. The breeze was like a touch across my skin & playing with my hair.

9. It is growing harder not to hate her.

Nine. Eighteen.

1. Quadruple kisses from them. My heart swells to burst.

2. I want to know if you know how to melt into that fierce heat of living, falling toward the center of your longing. – David Whyte

3. I am truly at my worst when driving. Especially across the river. Particularly when I notice someone looking at their phone and not the road. I WILL FIND A WAY TO SHOVE IT UP YOUR A#$. 

4.  Deep breath. Repeat. And again.

5.  My scalp still tingles

6. Sail. Calms me down a notch. Or twenty. No need to ask why, it just does. Magic.

7. Window cleaning young male style-with a water gun in the nude. Whip with cloth to dry. Sparkling!

8.  “We dwell between the air & the earth, guests of that middle kingdom where light & colour embrace.” -John O’Donohue 

9. Let’s dance in this space.