Nine. 125.

1. I need the reminding.

2. The echo of alone.

3. Letting go has a weight to it.

4. Broken, not just bent.

5. The way he hugs & says he loves me.

6. Unanswered.

7. Dreams gone cold.

8. Earth Spirit sends love letters through whispers in seashells, sun rays & moonbeams.

9. May we be the dream…

Nine. 124.

1.”Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

2. Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid,soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.”―Lao Tzu

3. Write the margins of life.

4. Fluid surrender.

5. Flowing smooth.

6. The magic of & in six.

7. Let’s seek and be joy & light.

8. Radiant renegades.

9. I wonder about his dreams…


Open Hands

What happens when I let go?

Open my hands to receiving rather than grasping for something else.

Open to help, community and friendship. Release the tight grip I hold on the beliefs which are no longer serving me. Release the need for perfection, quantity and doing more. Let go. Travel light. Let the heavy down.

What if?!

Would I feel empty, lost and forgotten? Will I miss something important? Will I be forced to be with myself? What will happen to me?!

I fear release. I fear the letting go. Such a great idea, in theory, but oh the practice is frightening.

And yet. My still small voice is whispering to try it. Do it. See what happens. Clearly, holding tightly doesn’t keep life from sifting through my clenched fingers. Uncurl them from my palm. Open my hands, heart and mind to wonder, possibility, and awe. It’s all waiting for me. Always there if I just open to receive. Release my fear, anxiety and disbelief. Try a new idea. Play a new tape. Let it all go. Typing those words I feel an unclenching. A release of a deeply held breath. A knot in my neck slowly unfurling. A flower bud opening.

For today, I will practice courage. I will let go of one thing that is holding me back. Today it will be letting go of my need for doing. Instead I will BE. BreathE. Inhale deeply and let go.

All will be well in this release. And so it is.

What will you reach for when your hands are empty?

I am…

Nail in a heart

I am a highly sensitive person & a leader, a consumer & creator and a mother.

I am a Highly Sensitive Person. I am a Leader.

I guide with my very sensitive soul.

I am the woman who gets overwhelmed by too much noise, too much stuff, too many beings in one space.

I am the one who wants to cry but the tears get stuck when life feels overwhelming.

The one who feels so much and it sits in her neck and shoulders as tension and pain.

The one whose body attacks the brain to attempt to deal with the onslaught of everything.

The one who frequently longs to crawl out of her skin if only to be free of one sensation. Who is startled by a touch from another because she thinks an impenetrable, protective bubble surrounds her. When it is breeched (even though it truly doesn’t exist) it feels like an invasion and is startling, unnerving and shocking. A look of surprise shows clearly on her face. She wants touches, when asked for, to be lingering. Leaving a warm spot when gone. Gently placed on your arm. Hold of her hand. A long embrace.

I am a leader. Leading by imperfect example. Questioning everything. Going against the grain and flow. I am the one ahead of her time. Pushing the boundaries. Exhausted by the whole situation by the time others catch up.

The leader who wants everyone to find their own path. To help them along THEIR way. I lead so others may be enlightened and encouraged to follow their own path.

I am lonely as a leader. I long for a co-leader to boost me up when I stumble. Who hears me when I cry. Someone who makes me feel more than rather than less so. I am embracing my aloneness. The solidarity. The silence. Living the questions

I am the owner of this once-in-a-lifetime body. I am daily loving towards it from the food I ingest to the words I say. From the things I choose to filter out. I bring too much in frequently and feel the hangover for a long time.

I am a puzzle. Each piece uniquely fitted to me. I am authentically me, each and every moment. No one else is exactly like me. I can quit the comparison game. Others are not me. I am me and I am more than ok, I am enough, love and loved. I am a celestial being wrapped up in soft, warm skin. I am covered in flesh and love.

By celebrating my uniqueness it allows others to see and celebrate theirs. We are each here on this lovely planet for a purpose, for a reason. We each matter. We are each fun, amazing, challenged, and flawed. We support each other by embracing one another in times of challenge and times of happiness.

Please share this embrace and tell us your story.

Who are you?

Nine. 122.

1. Vibrating my truth.

2. The scent of my desire.

3. Laden with longing.

4. “Peace is the clarity that brings calm.” -Danielle Laporte

5. The echo of everything.

6. Unravelling.

7. Dressed in light & gray.

8. There is a soft glow enveloping me.

9. Glow fierce.

Nine. 121.

1. When you realize one’s primary relationships are not safe containers.

2. The sunshine on skin feels like renewal.

3. More devotion.

4. Stone balancing sculptures and the still mind required.

5. This brilliant emergence.

6. Still…

7. Gratitude & joy.

8. “…& feel the yoga of poetry.” -Shiva Rea

9. The aroma of awakening.

Nine. 120.

1. Until all that is left is feathers.

2. The nakedness of honesty.

4. My enthusiasm does not equal theirs.

5. Words as “fossil poems.” (Emerson)

6. Come back to me…

7. Love. Full. Out.

8. Air suffused with devotion.

9. The sacredness of our bodies.

Nine. 119.

1. Nails painted the color of mermaids tails.

2. Love. Innate & Inherent

3. Hand written.

4. The feeling of gray.

5. So much noise.

6. Open.

7. Editing, curating, branding.

8. Draining.

9. Wild thing.

Nine. 117.

1. I love the part of Christmas with all the twinkling lights

2. And being by a lit (artificial) tree.

3. What do you remember?

4. The young gentlemen did the decorating & I am more than impressed.

5. She breaks me

6. “Simply put. I cannot get enough.”

7. The reason.

8. Stars in eyes & dirt between toes,

9. Grounded & Lifted.

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