Random Seeing

For the first time (I can remember)

I saw a peach tree,

So much beauty

Designed to be seen quietly.

I am so thankful for another

Who reminds me

To see more





Diving Deeper

It doesn’t matter if you have an overflow of dreams or no wild schemes.

It’s time to dive deeper into your dreams, unfold the layers of your wild imaginings.

Discover their true meaning.

Unfold the feelings within the dreams.

Uncover the need among the silence.

Gaze into the wild country of your passions. There will be untamed magic & ripe awakenings.

Blow away the dust of the expectations, take off the coverings of guilt & non-deserve.

Get down to the essential truth of your dreams.

The deeply desired feeling within the dream.

Try to distill the vision down into just a few words.

The words will guide you.

Feel depth.

Delve. One of my favorite words. The d for attention with the l tapping the roof of the mouth and front teeth press for the faintest of bit lip on the v to whisper away on an e. As I have said:

Say it out loud. It tastes better and know the words on your tongue.

How are you feeling within this course?
Please let me know, ask a question,
tell the something you need held close or need to confess. I am here for you

and, of course,
I am so glad you are here,


Hello Beauty

two bees on a flower

Spilling Over with Sparkles

Too many dreams? Bursting with visions? Overflowing with desires?

Maybe the voices in your head are shouting you can’t, you won’t, you don’t. Perhaps your life feels to full, too fast, too much to manage.

And that is ok. No judgment needed in this jam-packed fantasy trip. Just write it all down. Let the ink flow across pages. There is more than enough space for your dream landscapes. The time for pruning will come, but not today. Let your wild harvest of dreams be seen.

You can dream it all, you cannot do it all. And you do not have to. Feel the freedom in this truth.

You are given permission to just:

Savor your dreams exactly as they are. Fantasies. Precious reveries. Tasty tales of need.

Every one.

Your heart has dreams to tell and

Hope is Whispering.

My spoken word recording on beauty

You are beautiful
Your dreams are beautiful
There is so much beauty here…

My all time favorite book:

Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by John O’Donohue 

I love to dip into the pages and read for a bit. He writes poetry and with so much attention and awe of beauty. Amazing.

Prism of Passion


The Colors of your Passion

Now is the time to be on the hunt for the color of your passions.

Meander outside, flip through a magazine, peruse Pinterest, browse an art store, find a garden to explore.

Nail polish, paint swatches, markers & crayons, fabric & yarn will leave you saturated in color, on display for your delight & desire’s choosing.

Go wherever you are drawn with your eyes & heart to the colors which light you up. Notice the way in which your body is drawn to certain hues and your breath changes rhythm.

I lick my lips for cobalt blues in rich, jewel-toned hues, wrapped in their deep water mysteries. I sigh for whispers of the palest blushes of pink, the color splashed in the sky when the sun sinks into the horizon for rest. I crave the boldness & finality of black, silhouette of timelessness.

Dreams are a chaos of color, vibrant and stunning. Close your eyes & look behind your lids to see the residue of the hues.

Collect some pieces of the colors which pull you into their visually stunning presence. These pieces are for you to dance with & probably use to infuse your moments with magic.

Saturated hues of fantasies. Leaving their mark on reality.

Feel the color of your passions.


Kissing Wishes


A twenty day devotion to dreams and wild imaginings

Twenty days of

encouragement, prompting and playing within the landscape of your dreaming.

We will be discovering, recovering, and holding our dreams in a sacred, creative space.

In this collection you have the opportunity to play along and create a dream book for your own big wishes, wild plans and quiet yearnings.

Dream weaving. Vision dancing.


Whispering Dreams

Flighty things
It’s almost as if
they long to be
Into sound

Sweet voice coos:
Come here sweet dream
I long to hear & see you
I vow to hold you in open hands
& help bloom your secret plans.


What are you deep, wild dreams?

Your dreams are aching to be seen, my treasure.


Beginning July 5th

I will be posting of dreaming.

Twenty days of visions and reveries.

Among other things.

To boldly go…

Come with me.


Nine. Eighty Six.

1. Each of our stories have value. As do we.

2. Cherish one another

3. I am ready. So so ready.

4. It’s bold.

5. The street with the mimosa trees in bloom. Turn onto it frequently.

6. Because it feels so good.

7.  A bird silently flying above me in twilight and a beetle buzzes by. A moving silhouette and whispers “you.”

8.  Does he just and only need forgiveness?

9.  The running is internal. External. Eternal.



Nine. Eighty Two.


  1. Peonies make my heart happy.
  2. Softening into the day.
  3. Through our senses we heal.
  4. Let your imagination run beautiful!
  5. “He looked at you as if he knew you.”
  6. A blushed awakening.
  7. Wonton soup. It is a love language.
  8. He says I smell like a unicorn.
  9. The way he folds into me perfectly, right under my heart.

Nine. Seventy Nine.

1. When a new journal & favorite mug match. Colors scheming. Blushing wild.

2. The simple beauty of a smile.

3. Beautiful One. Captivating.

4. I want to know the angles. Straight Up.

5. The succulence of the ordinary.

6. I most miss the ache.

7. Feathers & whiskey.

8. Traced with a pen & a flower, then taken by him...

9. In your own way, you are exceptional.

Father’s Day

raindrop circles
Pinterest Image We used to watch the rain together.

Sweet readers, Father’s Day is a really hard time for me and I do not want my hurt to impact the thankfulness & beauty of honoring the important men in one’s life.

Dementia has stolen my father away. The level of cruelty and thief of dignity is an atrocity. No amount of tears will bring him back or help him to remember the name he chose for me. He is 61 and entirely too young for this tragedy. I miss him so very much. I can’t even…

But then I know and am certain, I am not the only one who feels this way. Relationships and families and life is hard and fabulous and painful and sensational. Father’s are all those things and more. I am trying to hold these feelings and thoughts and the humans involved in open palms with non-judgmental awareness and eyes full of compassion & tears. What else can we do? So it must be…

So, to you, I wish you a day full of smiles and perhaps tears of gratitude. Remembering and holding those who give or gave in a role with little fame. Today and many more.

And a special place to those who never got to be, by choice or chance, the father they wanted to be. May you know you are still a much needed & desired influence and have an honored place in society. Mentors, like best friends, are a precious commodity and genuinely priceless.

May you know, be & feel


Nine. Seventy Three.

strawberries in a bowl
Unsplash photo by Anna Ogiienko

1. How I have missed being here.

2. The sound of rain as my gentle nudge awake. How I adore a day beginning just so.

3. What does he dream of?

4. Fallen

5. Like a French painting of a woman’s body. Such beauty, elegance & loveliness. What I wish to be…

6. Does he still?

7. Presence is where the payoff is. Be. Here. Now.

8. She calls me “baby” and I swallow a sob.

9. Chipmunks.