Nine. Sixty Five.

  1. I felt lighter today & so very empty
  2. The sound of rain. Beauty falling.
  3. See me.
  4. How does it feel to be awake?
  5. Wondering. Always wondering.
  6. Covered in only raindrops and kisses…
  7. I laid my head on his chest just to hear another heart beat. My first born-I hear my heart.
  8. The noise in my life. In my head.
  9. Where is my noise?


Picture of mine. A found piece of beauty. 


Nine. Forty Five.



  1.  He told stories in a way which captivated & his voice was silenced on Monday.
  2.   The bottom fell out of rock bottom yesterday.  Who knew it had a trick floor?
  3.  All I want are tulips and to just be held.
  4.  She has RSV and strep. I am so tired my eyes burn and she makes the saddest of sounds in her distress.
  5.  Let the silence speak.
  6. I feel as if I have called forth disconnect when what I really want is intimacy.
  7.  Dreamed of a carnival with flashing lights and giant balloons.
  8. A hawk diving for its prey caught my eye yesterday.  As a Spirit Animal, Hawk teaches awareness. The universe is trying to send you a message. … But when this this bird of prey presents as your Spirit Animal, you are now on notice that even the most ordinary of circumstances could have deeper meaningsHawks have the sharpest eyesight of all Raptors. (
  9.  I do not know where to go from here.

This Heavy Sadness


I cried and watched heat lightning flash

a strobe light in the sky, falling rain as my soundtrack to

a heart heavy with envy and reality.

Longing to be

someone other



A stark and cutting realization:
My hurt stems and is rooted down in feeling so very alone

and the knowing

there is no one to rescue me, no one  to give me approval, no one to write my poem.

It’s up to me.

This realization has only come from losing, in one way or another, those who I thought might be up for the tasks.

It was never their job and yet I hoped, wished, wanted and thought

they could do it.

So I waited,

and poured into them,

and waited

and tried to love them the best way I knew how,

and waited

and lost parts of myself trying to be what I thought was worthy of their affections and deserving of their time.

There is no me being victim

I chose to wait

and now

The wait is over.

I do not know how or if, this will change my life.

I think it will shift intentions and focus to me.

Empowering and frightening. 

As all the fabulous things in life are.

You Know Who you Are

Better to see the video

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Being Gray {#SEE}


I see you

I see your multi-faceted depth

You cannot return to the dripping over-positive attitude, a false smile pasted on your face

You are multi-dimensional now

You might long to return to that time

But there is no return to the shallow

Step tenderly into this gray space

It is soft and cold

smooth and rugged

I am here with you and

I am in awe and wonder of your depth

Of your harsh lines, your shadows

It brings out the light you carry into even sharper relief



How can you best show yourself love & grace today?

What feels like love to you?

What is nurturing your mind, body & soul?

Let’s #SEE


Just joining us?

We have just begun here

For the Love of Fear

black smoke

What if?

What if this was the place for my most

intimate pain

selfish longings

deepest, darkest secrets?

Would I then feel free?

What if…

I let my demons have their own space

my fear it’s own voice

would they diminish?

would the shouts be eventually silenced?

one can hope

Or would they grow

fed by the attention & acknowledgment?


What if?

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Lost & Found


Lost without a mission

Lost without a purpose

Lost without a war or a fight, except the one screaming in my head

Where am I going?

Who am I?

What am I doing here on this Earth?!

Indeed, the great questions.

Ones I will spend a lifetime answering. Searching for. Reaching to.

Breathe here.

Please just breathe.

I am here to find out who I am. Be the most me I can be. Lost on a trail of wonder, discovery and dreams. Finding joy in the everyday mundane. Seeking out the beauty in the ordinary.

Not all those who wonder and wander are lost.

There is darkness and light in the lost places. Seek out each equally. Find out the places you hide from in your soul. Lost without love. Charity. Seeking the true source of me. The divine spark deep in my heart. The light that fills me from within that longs to be poured out in the world. I will be here in the lost place, probably all the time. Finding and losing myself and my way again and again. There is peace in the knowing of the uncertainty. The changes. The newness. The chance to begin again.