opened stargazer

Threading Dreams into Life

Today we will be weaving dreams within our reality.

Picking pieces & feelings of our desires to play in the fire of real life.

Notice how the day unfolds with your dreams close beside you.

Your visions tucked inside you. Like a secret in your front pocket.

I carry my dreams as strings of blue beads, ready to be twirled with my fingers as their taste of love lingers in my mind.

How will they hold up? Will they be refined, turned to ash, magnified, distilled, torn asunder, made to shine?

I dance with my dreams in my wild reality by asking them, with hands on my heart,

“What do you need from me right now?” 

Pause. Breathe. Feel into the question. Be the answer.

You & your dreams know what they need.

Gaze into them.

Merge with their mystery.

Opening to the wild possibility of things unseen.
Wandering amongst the beauty of dreams.
Being here, in reality.

Nine. Forty Two.

1. May you be…

2. Ever so alive.

3. Aware & Awake.

4. He “passed away” today. What a dumb phrase.

5. He died. Stepped over. Went cosmic.

6. A final ending?

7. A transition?

8. A period or a …?

9. Questions of the living.

Playin’ in Sunshine

When was the last time you let the light dance in your hair?

The last time you let the sun touch your skin & leave warmth there, whispering of Spring?

When will you discover the sensation of sunbeams upon your forehead, landing like a tender kiss?

How soon will you uncover the light always beaming inside you?

Clean Slate

clean slate

Let it be

this lust for life, all our

pride and joy.


Explore the power of your

black & white

and the ever-softness and

sensuality of grey.

Find your balance,

your life of paradox and grit of in-between.

Unleash the magic as beauty is amplified


explore your bit of serene.

This is the moment…

Where is your wild devotion?

What is your own quiet revolution?

Always by your side, Darling.