Nine. Seventy Five.

1. Her grip is my lifeline.

2. Her release is my power.

3. I am needing the assumption.

4. The way they make each other laugh. Hilarious.

5. He leaves me even when he doesn’t have to.

6. What if the first word you ever heard another say was your name?

7. The human body as a temple of sensuous spirit.

8. Who are you to know

into my deep whispers &

Low angles. Who are you?

9. Said on a sigh…


Nine. Seventy Two.


  1.  being pulled to hiatus
  2.  a need to pull inward, as all around is opening & blooming
  3.  missing the most secret & deepest part of me
  4. Somewhere between the minute particular & the essence lies the land of poetry.” –May Sarton
  5. “Absolute attention is prayer.” -Simone Weil
  6.  Back to the beginning, with hand on heart, so promising…
  7. my body whispering to me,  “come back and nourish me.”
  8.  this tender light, warming my opening into perfect soft sweetness
  9.  and I say to my heart: Rave On.

I am taking a break for a bit.  How long is yet to be seen, as I journey into the best and darkest part of me…

Sensual Seduction

Dancing in Dusk
Светлана Беляева

The air embraces

the fading sun caresses

dancing in the dusk

Let’s continue to explore, vision and tell our truth.

Surrender into our senses. Feel the smooth sensation of skin against fingerprints. Inhale the sweet scent of clean sheets. Savor the taste of the first sip. Sink into your senses and allow pleasure to penetrate you fully and tingle through every cell throughout your body. Sensuality is all about being totally in tune with our senses, all of them-seeing, feeling, hearing, touching, tasting and intuition.

Becoming both the seer and the seen. The taste and taste-filled.

Sensual beauty is the one inside us.

Walk, breathe and love through the senses of your beautiful body. Listen to the whisper of your blood, the pulsing of your heart. Become unraveled in the presence of beauty, allow her to fill your senses.

Beauty is you.

Nine. Sixty Nine.

Simple Lovely Dandelion (pic of mine)
  1. Drenched in the sensual reality of this moment.
  2. Embrace your Enough.
  3. Remember your Prism.
  4. Seduced by spirit.
  5. Seduction is all about listening to your intuition and trusting the tide of desire. -Kitty Cavalier
  6. Release. Open.
  7. Surrendering into the sensory. The feel of living.
  8. I speak of the erotic as the deepest life force, a force which moves us toward living in a fundamental way. -Audre Lorde
  9. Discovering deep/ dreams & the sensual feel/ of desired dreams.


Rumi Starry
Pinterest Image

The Wild Unknown

where all is free, feral & wild,

Beauty Reigns.

Unfold your story while gazing within the space where the Universe began and continues to begin. Again and again.

There are places where the light caresses me and I experience a fierce grace and an intentional delicate pace of my movements. Time seems to slow and I am alive & awake in my senses. Places where my breath slows and my exhale releases my shoulders. Where my soul is seduced and my heart is wide open.

These places taste like freedom.

One of the places I find this awakening is under the night sky.  Sometimes all I have is a moment, a brief interlude to tilt my head and open my eyes wider to see the infinite above my head. To remind me I am both significant and not. Just a brief glance, for me, offers a shift in perspective. Another way to see.

Eyes focus on the light coming from just one bright star among all the billions of others.

I am as that star.  As are you.

Finding ourselves alive again, lite up among the other cherished constellations.

We have intrigue and new beginnings.

Destruction and creation.

Light and darkness.

Chaos and order.

A mystical essence filled with desire and sensuality.

Unfolding our stories.

Twinkles under the

moon and stars believing

in our own stories.

Play List:

Paint the Sky with Stars

All of the Stars and Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

Counting Stars by One Republic

What does the night sky evoke in you?


Nine. Sixty Seven.


  1. So this is random & a slight bit of creepy, WordPress is posting things of mine in reader. On its own.
  2. Allow your purpose to dictate your strategy. -Jeremy Nulik @bigwidesky
  3. A poet and a samurai.
  4. In awe & ease.
  5. What newness can I cultivate?
  6. (but) for me, it’s an EVERY.
  7. Just want to be wrapped in his wishes…
  8. Fresh ink spilling rapidly, scented with fire.
  9. Spirit winks at you/a divine dance in play, it/wants to seduce you.

Photo of mine. The sky is such a beautiful backdrop and the feather-like quality of this type of tree. My favorite.

Nine. Forty Eight.


  1. I want a definitely, maybe
  2. “When I am dead even then, I will still love you, I will wait in these poems…” -Muriel Rukeyser
  3. Oceanic Intimacy.  Two words. I am not sure what they mean, but they make me feel something soft and wonderful. A glowing from within.
  4. Joy first, miracles second.
  5. My surrender…
  6. The truth is: you are so much more beautiful than you know.
  7. I dreamed of him hitting his head. The sound of his skull cracking against the concrete and the swelling which followed, creates an overwhelming sadness and nausea inside my soul. What is my mind making up?!
  8. Open your palms and/surrender to what is, sigh/and be lightly held. Haiku #148
  9. Last call kiss…

(Photo credit: Herz-Allerliebst)

Nine. Forty Six.


stars kiss oceans

  1. Collecting silence and breathing it deep into my soul.
  2.  I am prepared to create with the Divine.
  3.  He watches her through a window…
  4.  “Our suffering has the capacity of showing us the path to liberation. Embrace your suffering and let it reveal to you the way to peace.” -Thich Nhat Hanh
  5. Drinking in the magic.
  6. If I had you for just one night, better once than never, right?…
  7.  The word “Oceanic” is feeding me.
  8.  His signature move…
  9. I want to be light/embodied reverence and/whole heart charity. Haiku #146

Nine. Thirty Six.

1. Hair held by hairpins, hairspray & hope.

2. Is there a life spray?! Harhar.

3. A walk in the dark & rain. A cleansing of a kind.

4. Windows of opportunity.

5. I am disappearing, again.

6. These broken wings of hope & trust.

7. So, now, what will I do?

8. I am in the mood for so much delete & fresh start beginnings.

9. Dappled sunbeams flick

Light on my upturned face, I

Crave the sun’s kisses.