Nine. Eighty One.

1. The breeze caresses my skin.

2. Twinkling captivation.

3. Come. Sit next to me./ Tell me your story holding/my breath & listening.

4. Essence.

5. Curious to find out.

6. He whispers to me.

7. The lines we lighten & the boundaries we break through.

8. Give me your disgust.

9. Squeeze her hips while exhaling “my Queen”.

Nine. Twenty Nine.

1. He calls it his “war hawk.” It’s a plastic parrot. All in the naming…

2. A lone yellow flower still in bloom.

3. I dumped his cereal on the floor. I am so tired of catering to his every & so many fears.

4.  I thoroughly enjoy organizing. Then I come back to my reality.

5. Traumatic. Disappointment.

6. I am already done with this day. It’s 8:15. In the morning.

7.  They had a picnic in the sunshine on a dark blue blanket.

8. Joy is the best makeup. -Anne Lamott

9. But first, some rebellion.

Nine. Twenty Eight.

1. I long to be the desired. Not the default.

2. Cooler weather & classical piano music. I feel myself soften & sink.

3. How can I work with the interruptions?

4.  These daily challenges & struggles are eroding my heart.

5.  No matter what I do or don’t do, I will never look the exact way I want to.

6. Acceptance feels like quitting.

7. Constant striving feels like a sword impaling.

8. These few moments of silence were not worth the fight to get them.

9. Balance?

Nine. Twenty Four.

1. Her dance moves. A gallop, hip move & hops. Outstanding!!

2. Little white pumpkins are so cute.

3. He brings me dandelions.

4. Creative crossroads. Choices. Conundrum.

5. How can I look in the mirror & like what I see?

6. Give me a glass jar filled with something deep red, envelop me in gray, a pencil & a page.

7.  Running fingers through fine blonde hair & kissing into squish cheeks.

8. His hate hurts my heart.

9. May my words & actions be of love & light.

Nine. Nineteen.

1. When you wonder the exact pattern, amount of blood in your eyes & scar made from bashing your head into a mirror. #parents

2. When your mother tells you to stop caring about her & your dad. What does one reply?

3. Thank you to the sweet lady who watched over my child while I used the restroom. You are an angel.

4. He rolled down a hill to make his sister laugh. He is amazing.

5. He gave us each a hug & kiss & said “I love you.” My heart melts.

6.  She continues to hurt me in new & inventive ways. 

7. I think stationary is a simple pleasure filled with hope.

8. The breeze was like a touch across my skin & playing with my hair.

9. It is growing harder not to hate her.

Home Sanctuary

plate of flowers on linen

Retreat Rest Restore

The magic of home

it is a perfect mix of beauty & comfort,

rich, decadent & chocolaty,

velvet softness and brick & stone.

Our enchantment is always the goal

seek and find the


The best setting is the one that allows the extraordinary to emerge,

the meaningful moments to converge

into a stunning tapestry of your reality & truth.

Design your surroundings to inspire confidence and relax into

and set your intention

to enjoy the finer, simple things.



serving up yourself

over and over.

Spilling out


Where do you dwell with the Divine?

Sweetheart, home is you.

#Dwell Day 11 {Touch Adieu}

Layer on more of you.

The softness.

The bold, bright color.

Add a touch of life to each room.

Create your sacred space(s).

So how can we cultivate more small pleasures through our sense of touch? Our skin is hungry for sensation. Run your fingers down your arms, across the fabric of your couch. Take off your shoes and feel the ground beneath your feet. Feel your way through your house.

Photograph the surfaces you touch. Macro setting. Get closer.

What’s touching your skin?

What do you love to touch? Touch brings you deeply into your body.

Touch and embrace your life.

Pinterest Image


I hope you have enjoyed the past 11 days together.

More importantly, I sincerely wish for you to enjoy & adore your space.

The one around you and the places inside.

Your hear & your home are yours to love, hold and derive pleasure from.


#Dwell Day 9 {Smell}

The smell of home.

The smell of you.

What do your important people/animals smell like? Think about each person/pet  and write down the smells you associate with them. Next time you see them, be sure to close your eyes and breathe them in when you hug them.

What is the smell of home to you?

How many smells of you identify have you chosen to have there?

What sort of smells would you like to introduce?

When was the last time you truly smelled something?


#Dwell Day 8 {Sacred Sound}

Today let’s listen.

Sacred Sound.

What are the sounds of home?

The shout of a voice, the dishwasher humming, the dog snoring. The cars on the road outside, the rush of water running inside.

What sounds like home?

A fun project: create a playlist for everything you do in your home including relaxing, celebrating, dining & even cleaning. I have many mixes: Magic Making, Dance, Garden Rain, No Voices, Bedtime and more. Create some fun lists for your activities.

Imbue your home with love & joy. With music and laughter. With glasses clinking and feet dancing.

Listen to the love.

picture below from Dashboard Diary


#Dwell Day 7 {Color Fun}

What’s your favorite color?

What colors make you feel happy?

A rainbow peacock. A serene monochrome.

What draws you to the colors you love?

What colors make you feel happy?

Notice the color swirling in your head. The hues you are drawn to. The ones you adorn with.

Where are they around you?

Are you ingesting color?

Maybe it is time to find a coloring page and add your colors in swirls and scribbles. Allow your magic to play on the page as it comes to life, think Oz.


I love the feel of gray, the sensual softness of it. The bolt of black, the starkness of white. The contrast. The shadow. The light. Wrap my body and my soul in it. Yes.