Blushing Wild


Next iteration

In soft pinks & midnight magic

She is beauty

Nourish your soul

Into the wild

Saturate your senses

In divine decadence

Last bite tastes like romance & vibrance


the picture is a vision board I created, the images & words I am drawn to, inspired from.

Let’s see what the exhale brings…


Nine. Thirty Eight.

1. You deserve wow.

2. “Are you happy? I want you to be happy always…  you are dear to me…”-Favorite Uncle

3. Will I be able to say I have been a good mom. Will I get that right?

4. Who has my back?

5. Was just trying to leave something behind.

6. I need to be held. Open hands.

7.  Baking bread because I want it to help.

8.  Their singing & asking me to dance.

9. I think I might have broken something.

(Image from Pinterest & link did not work for credit)

This is Erotic

So when you hear me speak of erotic

please keep listening

When I speak of the sensual

please hold my gaze

I am here to show you the raw passion

of love’s passionate daze.

These human forms we are gifted

have senses

are sensual

are sexual

and so much more

it is time for taboo to be lifted.

The sound of love,

the scent of souls

the way we feel when we touch

the view of a lover

the many sounds of life

these are the things we  need to speak of often & much.

When my writing makes you squirm



I want that connection,

pleasure confection


“When I speak of the erotic, then I speak of it as an assertion of the life force of women; of that creative energy empowered, the knowledge and use of which we are now reclaiming in our language, our history, our dancing, our loving, our work, our lives.” -Audre Lorde

A New Story Begins…

Chaos is an angel...

I am absolutely enthralled with this idea

So a story is born from the


The angle-he-Ash

The demon-she-Quinn

chaos and peace seeking

Let’s see what these two do…

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star -Friedrich Nietzsche

Happiness is…

Listen to Happiness Is… by Charity #np on #SoundCloud

Happiness is a home full of heartbeats, deep breathing of sleep and fingerprinted glass.

It’s the feeling of peace and centering, a breath taken in and out with no construction or restriction.

Happiness is a choice, a fight worth fighting for, a gift.

It needs to be felt, not defined.

It’s sunlight warming skin, hands holding another’s.

It’s home.

Happiness is looking deeply into the eyes of another and truly seeing them and knowing the truth of their light

What is happiness to you?

Dandelion Delight

BW dandelion 

Discover how dawn daily dapples their delightful domes,
Delight in the dazzling display of delicious decadence.
(for they are edible & nutritious).

I declare!
Don’t disturb or decapitate the dandelions for
deflowering is devious…

Perhaps it is…

delicious to draw one down a divine décolletage

deflowering &

discarding decorum

dazzling dishevelment

dynamite delight destined to be discovered.