Nine. Twenty Nine.

1. He calls it his “war hawk.” It’s a plastic parrot. All in the naming…

2. A lone yellow flower still in bloom.

3. I dumped his cereal on the floor. I am so tired of catering to his every & so many fears.

4.  I thoroughly enjoy organizing. Then I come back to my reality. 

5. Traumatic. Disappointment.

6. I am already done with this day. It’s 8:15. In the morning.

7.  They had a picnic in the sunshine on a dark blue blanket.

8. Joy is the best makeup. -Anne Lamott

9. But first, some rebellion.


Nine. Twenty Eight.

1. I long to be the desired. Not the default.

2. Cooler weather & classical piano music. I feel myself soften & sink.

3. How can I work with the interruptions?

4.  These daily challenges & struggles are eroding my heart.

5.  No matter what I do or don’t do, I will never look the exact way I want to. 

6. Acceptance feels like quitting.

7. Constant striving feels like a sword impaling.

8. These few moments of silence were not worth the fight to get them.

9. Balance?

Nine. Fifteen.

1.  I hold so much hate for and in my belly.

2. The whistle of a tea kettle always brings me back.

3. Littles staying awake to see me return. The best hugs & kisses.

4.  When was the last time your own hands roamed your skin?

5. He makes me laugh. His laughter. He brings my smile back.

6.  The full moon, such a beacon.

7. Saw Sixteen Candles for the first time. Child of the eighties, not a fan of that decade but the movie is certainly a classic.

8.  Fear can be vigilant, not blind terror, right?

9.  Running in heavy humidity, feeling the weight.

Nine. Twelve.

1. Cool morning air brushing warm cheeks. This.

2.  She twirls in her new nightgown and when she wears it she knows she’s pretty. Keep that knowing.

3. “A people that listens to jazz is a people that favors human exchange.” -Jean-Claude Ellena.

4. Bright green beans & tomatoes with  eggs over a pile of white rice. 

5.  A dog named Eleanor rushes to growl at me in the early morning hours. I like her spunk.

6.  What does a rainbow taste like? Hope, promise, gold. Raindrops & sun mist.

7. She is curled up in a shaft of sunlight. When I go to join her she has already moved.  

8. The house & my head are filled with so much noise. 

9. Chipmunks.

Inexpensive Pleasures

simple pleasures.jpg

That first sip

the scent and feel of cherry blossoms unfolding

To know, in my soul space: I am unlimited

Dreaming of an Ideal Day

A time to connect deeply to the nectar of my heart

and drop into joy, as a prayer

Live Love Learn

Yoga in every breath and body movement

Exploration. Wandering. Wonder.

Fateful encounters



A moment just for me.

What are some of your simple pleasures?

Dearest, you are a delight.


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First Look

First Look

Our sacred beginnings, a cup and a poem.

Your role of beautiful brilliance

especially when it is ordinary

You are

amazing, inspiring, incredible

You are

an eternal exhale

and you inhale renewal & new beginnings.

So full of flavor and the unique taste of you.

Make today BLOOM.

Set your soul free with serenity at sunrise


your story starts here…

How do you greet the day?

Your brilliance is showing, my love.



Image from Pinterest