Believe, Just Believe


we all hold the magic

I believe sprinkles and sparkles make me and the day shine brighter

I believe in kissing. A lot. With sound and spit

I believe in the power and perfect fit of hugs

I believe in the deep soul nourishing properties of chubby thighs and soft bellies

I believe in drinking in & tasting life. Savor. All of it.

I believe in miracles and possibility.

I believe this moment is the best moment.

I believe in trying again. And again. And again.

I believe in the power of stories. Each unique and priceless. As are each of us.

I believe in love as a choice. As strength. As the lovely sticky stuff that holds the world together

I believe a smile makes anyone and everyone beautiful

My Believe Pinterest Board

What do you believe?

I have a sense of pride in who I am & I believe in myself.
I know the greatness begins in the minds of the great.
I know that what I believe about myself is what I will become.
I believe in the very best for myself.
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams  -Eleanor Roosevelt

What beliefs will you release during our mission? The ones that no longer serve you, make you feel less than or not enough.

Let them float away like a feather. Fly away. Far away.


What do you believe?


Hope Whispering


Coffee journal peonie
_scelt on Instagram

Hope whispers from the blank pages of a notebook…

Hope is a dandelion puff, filled with seeds of wishing,

the soft blue of a robin’s egg ,

the arc of a rainbow swiped across the vast sky,

the steam rising from a perfect cup of coffee.


Hope smells like the head of a child after playing in the sunshine,

the scent of your love’s face just before you meet for a kiss,

the fragrance rising from warm skin.


Hope sounds like the click of a fresh pen filled with black ink,

the music of a minor symphony

and the rain falling on grass & tree.


Hope feels like sunlight on feet & face,

the perfect fit embrace of mother

and any kind of dancing.


Hope tastes like cool water upon waking,

a strawberry warmed by the sun

and a fresh pillowcase.

What are the sensual experiences of hope for you?

Sometimes hope can seem like a far-off dream or an absent friend or maybe even a long-lost lover.

I know this feeling of hope adrift. Leaving me bereft and untied.

I also know, hope is always here, along with love.

Because that is who you are.

Just in case you have forgotten your infinite worth and birthright of joy, for the next ten days there will be reminders for you to




Overflow with joy

Wander into the unknown

Know your divinity

Savor the miracle of a moment


Watch hope rise again


Nine. Sixty Four.

1. “Don’t think about the work unless you’re doing the work.” – Ernest Hemingway

2. Fall in love with her soft blush

3. I just want to be his. Still.

4. New season, new mug. The blue of it is so gorgeous and fits my palms exactly as it should.

5. Now she says it might be ADD or ADHD. Oh jeez.

6. He gave me Vertigo.

7. On his desk, arms in a T, all his. Me…

8. I’m trying to understand her appeal.

9. New opportunity for Lady Blue!

Picture of mine. A bench to wish on & imagine wild things.

Blushing Wild


Next iteration

In soft pinks & midnight magic

She is beauty

Nourish your soul

Into the wild

Saturate your senses

In divine decadence

Last bite tastes like romance & vibrance


the picture is a vision board I created, the images & words I am drawn to, inspired from.

Let’s see what the exhale brings…

Nine. Thirty Five.

1. Wrapped in the softness of gray and the hush of a new day.

2. Everytime I watch Labor Day I feel my heart soften & open in the best of ways.

3. Even when I watched it while editing a business contract.

4. I just want to hold them close to my heart, tight against my chest.

5. Writing until my heart gives out.

6. Seeking redemption in words.

7. Feeling my way to normalcy.

8. I am so in wanting.

9. I want his whiskey kiss

   On my parted lips

   Inhaling him into me.

Nine. Thirty four.

1. So promising…

2. I miss him. All. The. Time.

3.  My throat is constricted. Where is my voice?

4. Where is she?

5. Dried roses & handwritten letters. Simple beauty.

6. The first sip of hot coffee, so good I shiver.

7. His little hand petting my hair.

8. Tears hover just behind my eyelids.

9. Pressing my face into something green lightens me briefly.