Sensual Everyday Enchantment

english roseon wooden table

Surrender into your senses.

Feel the smooth sensation of skin against fingerprints.

Inhale the sweet scent of clean sheets, the Earth before it rains, your skin.

Sink into your senses and allow pleasure to fully enrich and tingle through every cell throughout your body.

Sensuality is about being in-tune with the senses.

Listening, feeling, tasting, smelling, and seeing.

And knowing.

Are you enchanted by who and what you see?

I see you, and you are more than lovely.

This Heavy Sadness


I cried and watched heat lightning flash

a strobe light in the sky, falling rain as my soundtrack to

a heart heavy with envy and reality.

Longing to be

someone other



A stark and cutting realization:
My hurt stems and is rooted down in feeling so very alone

and the knowing

there is no one to rescue me, no one  to give me approval, no one to write my poem.

It’s up to me.

This realization has only come from losing, in one way or another, those who I thought might be up for the tasks.

It was never their job and yet I hoped, wished, wanted and thought

they could do it.

So I waited,

and poured into them,

and waited

and tried to love them the best way I knew how,

and waited

and lost parts of myself trying to be what I thought was worthy of their affections and deserving of their time.

There is no me being victim

I chose to wait

and now

The wait is over.

I do not know how or if, this will change my life.

I think it will shift intentions and focus to me.

Empowering and frightening. 

As all the fabulous things in life are.

You Know Who you Are

Better to see the video

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Inexpensive Pleasures

simple pleasures.jpg

That first sip

the scent and feel of cherry blossoms unfolding

To know, in my soul space: I am unlimited

Dreaming of an Ideal Day

A time to connect deeply to the nectar of my heart

and drop into joy, as a prayer

Live Love Learn

Yoga in every breath and body movement

Exploration. Wandering. Wonder.

Fateful encounters



A moment just for me.

What are some of your simple pleasures?

Dearest, you are a delight.


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Let’s lead the way

dreams, draw, build your vision

courageously & fearlessly


Unfolding the next chapter in your story…

Give it a name

It will feel right to your soul

Experience More Possibilities


the feelings inside the dreams

smoothness, sharpness and hard to describeness

Mouthwatering Untamed Raw Wonder

To boldly go…

Light Up in the Amazing

I lost my heart there.

What are you deep, wild dreams?

Your dreams are aching to be seen, my treasure.

Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul. -Napoleon Hill

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First Look

First Look

Our sacred beginnings, a cup and a poem.

Your role of beautiful brilliance

especially when it is ordinary

You are

amazing, inspiring, incredible

You are

an eternal exhale

and you inhale renewal & new beginnings.

So full of flavor and the unique taste of you.

Make today BLOOM.

Set your soul free with serenity at sunrise


your story starts here…

How do you greet the day?

Your brilliance is showing, my love.



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Clean Slate

clean slate

Let it be

this lust for life, all our

pride and joy.


Explore the power of your

black & white

and the ever-softness and

sensuality of grey.

Find your balance,

your life of paradox and grit of in-between.

Unleash the magic as beauty is amplified


explore your bit of serene.

This is the moment…

Where is your wild devotion?

What is your own quiet revolution?

Always by your side, Darling.