You are Love

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It started when…

I let go. When I stopped grasping and instead opened my palm.
I stopped seeking the flawless and found the alluring mystery.  I trusted in magic and mayhem, in the chaos and the beauty.
It began when I cried, raindrops like the pieces of me I was setting free to fall. Tears of remembrance and release.
It started when I made space for the recently discovered and collected that which I love. Surrounding myself with the energy of enthusiasm and affirmation.
When I not only asked the questions, but lived them too. When I ceased to search for the perfect answer and instead chose to be in this unknown moment.
When I write my story, all the parts and pieces in a masterpiece of confusion. The tale of torment, tragedy and trouble. My report of rapture, the rare and rapport. It is luscious, luminous and love. My life is a love story.
When I used my voice to lift and inspire. I spilled words to strike feeling and shine on souls.
I circled in and around love.
Always an ending and a new beginning.


In Awe of Beauty


Beauty. The word, the feeling, the presence, the awe.

When we see beauty, it is like coming home to the deepest part of our self. Viewing something that fills us with reverence.

You are the seer of beauty and beauty seen.

A breath taken when in the presence of beauty is an expansion of our Spirit as well as a long exhale of truth.

Hearing something beautiful connects our souls to everyone within hearing distance and beyond. The sound of Om, a lover’s whisper of want and laughter. A gorgeous symphony of beauty in sound. Listen.

May you be quenched by & drenched in Beauty.

What is Beauty to you?




Extra Resources of Beauty:

Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by John O’Donahue and podcast

The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits and a movement by Mihaela Noroc

Beauty Reimagined

Wild Beauty

Beauty words spoken by me




Dream-explore, discover, envision, wish, want.

Dreams are a way of knowing what will make you happy.

What do you love?

My deep dreams are peace & stillness.

Calm amongst the chaos. Deep breathes taken frequently & stretches with my body.

Play. Laughter. Tickles with Littles.

Feeling my body in the here & now. Grounded. Whole Complete. Move.

A flower patch for sitting near to dream & gaze into. A moon garden for sleeping under.

Smiles & Earth. Outside & open. Surrounded by wonderful smells of vanilla & honey. Beeswax & lilac. Blueberry & strawberry. Heaven scent. Teas for sipping. Wine in a tall glass. Delicate. Sucking the richness of life. Leaving this Earthly body empty. Used up. Emptied out. All dreams exhausted & spent. Fulfilled in their own way. Listening to the thoughts of others. Helping them on their path. Seeing the radiance in each of them. Holding the hands of my gentlemen & lady & walking together. Running. Filling our hands with dirt & mud. Learning in the world. Leaning into life full tilt. Exploring. To give the messenger an ear-full to send to the Creator.

What does your ideal day look like?

What parts of the day bring you the most joy & fulfillment?

If money, time people or life was no object right now what would you do, what would you start, where would you go?

What steps would you have to take to make your dream a reality?

If I could I would…

How about YOU?!

What are your deep dreams?


Playin’ in Sunshine

When was the last time you let the light dance in your hair?

The last time you let the sun touch your skin & leave warmth there, whispering of Spring?

When will you discover the sensation of sunbeams upon your forehead, landing like a tender kiss?

How soon will you uncover the light always beaming inside you?


I have been

Mostly silent as of late

My hurt so consistent & strong

I find it difficult to just breathe.
I am certain

Many, maybe all, others

Have been here too,

Have made it through,

And are different & changed for it.

(Me too, me too

As an echoed refrain of camaraderie).
Please let this shadowed place
Be my




a Sweetening

I am so frightened it will leave me


More angry


Which will I be?



Another combination & random recipe
In this space between

I struggle to breathe

This Stunning Emergence


Knowing how I want to feel at the closing of a day, finding it now.

Visioning & creating rituals to nourish my soul.

Revealing my sexy & my spirit. Flowing from every part of me. All of me.

Being in the here and now. Seeing deep into my own eyes.

And a story only just beginning to be written.

This now.

This Heavy Sadness


I cried and watched heat lightning flash

a strobe light in the sky, falling rain as my soundtrack to

a heart heavy with envy and reality.

Longing to be

someone other



A stark and cutting realization:
My hurt stems and is rooted down in feeling so very alone

and the knowing

there is no one to rescue me, no one  to give me approval, no one to write my poem.

It’s up to me.

This realization has only come from losing, in one way or another, those who I thought might be up for the tasks.

It was never their job and yet I hoped, wished, wanted and thought

they could do it.

So I waited,

and poured into them,

and waited

and tried to love them the best way I knew how,

and waited

and lost parts of myself trying to be what I thought was worthy of their affections and deserving of their time.

There is no me being victim

I chose to wait

and now

The wait is over.

I do not know how or if, this will change my life.

I think it will shift intentions and focus to me.

Empowering and frightening. 

As all the fabulous things in life are.

You Know Who you Are

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