This is Erotic

So when you hear me speak of erotic

please keep listening

When I speak of the sensual

please hold my gaze

I am here to show you the raw passion

of love’s passionate daze.

These human forms we are gifted

have senses

are sensual

are sexual

and so much more

it is time for taboo to be lifted.

The sound of love,

the scent of souls

the way we feel when we touch

the view of a lover

the many sounds of life

these are the things we  need to speak of often & much.

When my writing makes you squirm



I want that connection,

pleasure confection


“When I speak of the erotic, then I speak of it as an assertion of the life force of women; of that creative energy empowered, the knowledge and use of which we are now reclaiming in our language, our history, our dancing, our loving, our work, our lives.” -Audre Lorde

Personal Public Private

The week has felt like a deep & heavy philosophical journey. My thoughts sinking into depth and darkness without a line or a buoy.

All while a post still goes up. Writing about being truly in the here. Dwelling in the now. Resting in reality.


My real life offers no rest. There is sickness roving through. I am exhausted and spent.

I am sick of reading the “non-fiction” writing of others. The “look at me, ingest what I learned, be motivated and inspired.” I end up feeling less than, sloppy and stupid. When I look up at my real life after reading it, I see only the filth and the failures

I have been writing in their arena. The ease of it all. The bending of a story to fit the particular angle I am trying to preach. To build the platform, to be the expert. Add the flowery adjectives, the poetic lilt, the filters, the cropping.

Until it morphs from reality into fiction. Until the picture has been so filtered it bears little to no resemblance to the original. Until the story no longer reflects all the many views of reality.

This has started to feel very heavy and just plain wrong for me.

So, I started reading fiction and am amazed at being able to step into a life completely created in one’s mind, but still seems to hold simple truths. I have enjoyed fiction because it does not tell me to do this, stop that, be me. I can just be with the characters, hear their story and then step easily back into my real life.

It is all just entertainment and life is the true adventure.

And yet.

I know by looking at life through the eyes of a writer, poet, photographer I am able to see things, a depth I would have missed if I just processed the surface.

Maybe it is in the sharing where the real trouble and challenge begins. Though it is not up to me how my writing is received.

It is my purpose to create.

The big idea behind TwirledScript was to dance with words, to write through it all. To take a moment, an idea, or a story and twirl it to be publicly consumed. I started with the “non-fiction” and now it is time for a change.

We are all constant change, evolution and iteration.

And I am going to jump into writing my own fiction.

A bit of short story, the ones swirling in my head.

A #darkshot of erotic poetry, the ones I adore.

A dash of you choose where the story goes.  A game of chance.


This shall be unpredictable.

The only constant being change.

The blank page is calling…

Tell me something you ache for

Tell me the one thing you long to hear the most

What keeps you alive!

#Dwell Day 6 {Darling Dream}

This day for space.

Permission to breathe.

To listen.

Take time for you.

Do nothing but




Are you looking back? Saying why you cannot? Today, close your eyes and lift your face to the sky. Allow a smile to fill your heart and soul with giddy anticipation for all of the wonderful things the Universe has in store for you. The dreams being begun for specifically you.

You can make them happen.

With this knowledge in your mind and heart, take a deep breath and smile.

*What are your dreams?
*What do you want?

*What are you passionate about?

*What do you want to experience? Feel? Taste? See?

Hmmmm. Nothing is too small, nothing is too big. Throw out the question of how and just let your mind run wild with daydreams.

Cheers to so much fun & fantasy & dream discovery.