moth on coneflower

Dialogue with your Collage

Let us take our vision board on a date. Make a bit of time in your day to be with your collage to sit & gaze and write what you see, hear and feel.

What do you see? 

A color story emerging, your muse, and new idea. A surprising thing, a lucky word, a bit of the absurd.

You will probably be surprised by what you uncover by just gazing at your creation. Allow the layers of understanding yourself better to unfold.

How do you feel? 

Design your life around the feelings within your dreams.

Your dreams want to come true for you as much as you want them too. You are in this together. Listen to them, feel them, get to know their inner workings and the true Spirit of you.

Let your writing instrument flow across the page, as your dreams tell you everything.

Are you listening?  

All the lovely phrases I find.
The poetry within the randomness,
and the dreams within the words.

cheer bliss vision

Enjoy your date,


Random Seeing

For the first time (I can remember)

I saw a peach tree,

So much beauty

Designed to be seen quietly.

I am so thankful for another

Who reminds me

To see more


Integration Day

sky burst

Integrate to Iterate

Wow. Look at you & the pieces you have created. The magic words, delight-filled images, a vision board and a mind map.

Not forgetting all the clarity & depth we have uncovered within our dreams.

You are amazing.

So today we take the time to allow all this work to integrate into our cells. Our brains have created & seen what are heart & soul have dreamed. Now let all these be digested. Absorbed. Taken in deep to vibrate our very atoms with which we are made of.

Take some time today to just be. Close your eyes & feel your breathe. Notice the sensations on your skin & the feel of the air filling your lungs again & again.

Drink in this present moment with all your senses.

We are made of the same stuff as the stars. Universe juice really does surround & infuse us from within.

You have infinite worth & we are so glad you are here.

Meditations from me for you to listen to if you would like
some moments just for you
to listen and breathe.

I really like the Gladden Your Mind one.

You are amazing.


Make it a visual collage.


Visual Collaging

Another day to play outside of your original dream space. Making a mood board from images & words torn from magazines can be surprisingly cathartic & so very fun.

Gather some magazines, 3-5 is all you need. Scissors if your are more the precise type, a glue stick and the back of your mind map paper is all you need to play today.

I like to sip something lovely and do the ripping & collecting part quickly. No dallying or article reading. Just pull whatever makes you smile, lights you up and pulls you in. No judgement. No edit. Just rip.

Take the pieces which you have collected and lay them all out in front of you. The floor is a great place to spread out all the images & words & you can literally surround yourself with your dreams.

See if there are any themes, color schemes, or word play you are particularly drawn to. Just notice.

Then glue it all down onto the back of your mind map.

Paper & glue play. Vision board fun.

vision board purple breath in


I am so glad you are here,

Mind Map Magic


Make a Map

For this fun, we leave our original writing place and venture to a larger landscape. This is where the dreams are scrawled into actions & into being.

Here is where the sides of your brain get to play together and the challenge of making your dreams come true is accepted.

Find a giant piece of paper. The bigger the better. Write down one of your dream words smack in the center of the paper.

Underline it twice. Circle it bold.

Place your open hand on the circle & take a deep breath.

Draw a line jutting from the center word and write a sub category idea or action. Then under that write another step or thought related to the category.

Don’t worry if another category pops into your head while working on another. Just draw another line from the original word and keep playing.

Mind mapping is a fabulous mess of barely ordered chaos. As things fly into your mind, you have a place for them to land and be organized.

blank journal

For more specific instructions on mind mapping, start here.
The original creator does a fantastic job of explaining how to Mind Map.
Sending you to the source, may you be empowered to play on this playground.
Your mind.


opened stargazer

Threading Dreams into Life

Today we will be weaving dreams within our reality.

Picking pieces & feelings of our desires to play in the fire of real life.

Notice how the day unfolds with your dreams close beside you.

Your visions tucked inside you. Like a secret in your front pocket.

I carry my dreams as strings of blue beads, ready to be twirled with my fingers as their taste of love lingers in my mind.

How will they hold up? Will they be refined, turned to ash, magnified, distilled, torn asunder, made to shine?

I dance with my dreams in my wild reality by asking them, with hands on my heart,

“What do you need from me right now?” 

Pause. Breathe. Feel into the question. Be the answer.

You & your dreams know what they need.

Gaze into them.

Merge with their mystery.

Opening to the wild possibility of things unseen.
Wandering amongst the beauty of dreams.
Being here, in reality.

Words of Wishes

notebook pencil and mug

Wishes on Slips

Take the words you have created & collected & write down the three which whisper most loudly.

Ethereal     Divinely Inspired   Sensual Presence 

These words carry the essence, the depth of my dreams. Just saying the words fill my mouth with delicious sensations of satiation. Whole body satisfaction. They guide my next footfall. My next best step.

These words are beacons. Your Spirits muse. The most perfect come hither gesture.

Feel how your chest lifts & your heart lifts & reaches when the words are playing upon your lips. Kiss.

If your words are coming up short, keep playing within your dreams, revealing can take some time and then

You just know

And so it shall be

Splendid wordsmithing.

a Stunning Emergence.



Diving Deeper

It doesn’t matter if you have an overflow of dreams or no wild schemes.

It’s time to dive deeper into your dreams, unfold the layers of your wild imaginings.

Discover their true meaning.

Unfold the feelings within the dreams.

Uncover the need among the silence.

Gaze into the wild country of your passions. There will be untamed magic & ripe awakenings.

Blow away the dust of the expectations, take off the coverings of guilt & non-deserve.

Get down to the essential truth of your dreams.

The deeply desired feeling within the dream.

Try to distill the vision down into just a few words.

The words will guide you.

Feel depth.

Delve. One of my favorite words. The d for attention with the l tapping the roof of the mouth and front teeth press for the faintest of bit lip on the v to whisper away on an e. As I have said:

Say it out loud. It tastes better and know the words on your tongue.

How are you feeling within this course?
Please let me know, ask a question,
tell the something you need held close or need to confess. I am here for you

and, of course,
I am so glad you are here,

Seduce the Muse


Come closer, inspiration

You might have a tough time finding your dreams. Possibly your wishes are non-existent & scary silent. Even the lack of wishes can be dream telling. Silence carries secrets too.

Gift yourself space to stimulate the song. Start small, find one thing today which fills you with simple joy.

The sensation of sunbeams & fingerprints on skin, the first sip of coffee bliss, the lilting sound of laughter, the sigh of a happy ever after.

The more we seek the sensations & needs of our soul, the more we are surrounded. Enveloped within bubbles of our joy & sweet happiness.

Plus, the more we notice & are aware of the gleaming all around us, the greater frequency of the revealing.

See with new eyes today, step in with the mind of a beginner. A student of the stars, waiting to be wished upon. Your dreams will adore the attention.

Tempt your wishes to unfurl their wings & be seen.

Hello Beauty

two bees on a flower

Spilling Over with Sparkles

Too many dreams? Bursting with visions? Overflowing with desires?

Maybe the voices in your head are shouting you can’t, you won’t, you don’t. Perhaps your life feels to full, too fast, too much to manage.

And that is ok. No judgment needed in this jam-packed fantasy trip. Just write it all down. Let the ink flow across pages. There is more than enough space for your dream landscapes. The time for pruning will come, but not today. Let your wild harvest of dreams be seen.

You can dream it all, you cannot do it all. And you do not have to. Feel the freedom in this truth.

You are given permission to just:

Savor your dreams exactly as they are. Fantasies. Precious reveries. Tasty tales of need.

Every one.

Your heart has dreams to tell and

Hope is Whispering.

My spoken word recording on beauty

You are beautiful
Your dreams are beautiful
There is so much beauty here…

My all time favorite book:

Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by John O’Donohue 

I love to dip into the pages and read for a bit. He writes poetry and with so much attention and awe of beauty. Amazing.