My 37

When the Surprise Lilies open their beautiful blooms, blushing a soft pink tipped with blue hues, I know my birthday is coming very soon.

This year, as a gift to my self,

For the month of August,

I will be trying my hand at story.

The snippets churning in my head, conversing with the characters created within, twirling in the weird, on the edges and putting more than my toes in.

So here for you, lovely readers, I have Fluid Beauty prompts for you to peruse and maybe join me in secret creations of your very own.

Cheers to this sweet whimsy and lush verge.

Write Wild

Live Amazing.

Fluid Beauty


For the month of August I will be exploring prompts and fun things. All about beauty and its fluidity. The breathtaking movement and simplicity of everything. The impermanence and fleeting reverence of this next becoming.

Please join me.

Write Wild

Live Amazing.

My day of debut (aka birthday) is tomorrow. I am holding this number as significant because of the charm and 7. 

Saying so enough in my head to make it true…



Nine. 101.


  1.  One hundred of anything has to mean something, right?!
  2.  Arching over emptiness and light. So much I breathe for in this picture.
  3.  Seeing this new birthday number as something full of shameless intimacy.
  4.  Terror unfurling in my veins.
  5.  Each a flowing gesture.
  6.  How do you want to be loved?
  7.  Do you ever think of your uniqueness as a magnificence instead of a teasing liability? What if it is your life source overflowing? Your essence is showing.
  8.  Deeply tempted.
  9. Turn to for a kiss. Worship…