Nine. 113.

1. A fresh way of seeing

2. A changed way of appearing

3. A shifted way of being.

4. A dream of a razorback after my children

5. And not enough hands to hold them.

6. Protected within the deepest part of my heart.

7. The cleansing sound of rain falling.

8. “I am aware of nothing but the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of the Imagination.” -Keats

9. Cupped & held.

Nine. 112.

1. This state like boom.

2. Low or no filter

3. And he laughs to breathe.

4. And I want to leave.

5. Silence. Deafening.

6. Seeking.

7. Notice what you notice

8. What excites? Delights? Make one come undone?

9. Black.

Nine. 111.

1. The sound of snow falling. How can one not free an exhale?

2. The beauty. Intoxicating.

3. Opening.

4. With my bare eyes.

5. I am after clarity.

6. Be my person.

7. The intimacy & the being held.

8. How is want not simple?

9. Compassionate.

Nine. 110.

1. When your wandering & wonderings lead you there. That.

2. On knees with a needle in hand.

3. The sound of snow falling.

4. Feeling far away.

5. The three all around me.

6. Missed & wanted. Still.

7. Get it decided. Get it started. Change.

8. The agony & the ecstasy.

9. Dancing.

Nine. 109.

  1. A single raindrop upon lush petals.
  2. What if epiphanies don’t always arrive as 4 am jolts?
  3. What if they are fervent sighs, hazy and shadowy?
  4. Written as breath on my face.
  5. Maybe my epiphany arrives as the blushing pink of the morning sky whispering,
  6. “See me, enjoy me, feel me.”
  7. Notice the soft kiss spirit calling me
  8. And being ravished by the entwined intimacy of my sensuality, spirituality & creativity.
  9. My awakening.



For me




starts as an emotion, a feeling, reality, a whispered fantasy

an idea or a remembered breathing thing.

it is like a tiny unseen seed,

I hold it between my open palm and whisper sweetly, “glow”

and with my other hand I cut my heart open and bleed

(metaphor, remembering).

I exhale warmth over the tiny form and weep.

Sometimes, it grows into a most magnificent tree,

I am in awe and wonder as it rises before me

reminding me of the tree in Avatar, the movie





and a significant, intimate connection sweeps over me


There is also an entangled connection

between creativity, spirituality and sensuality.

Writing is the noticing and living it again

savoring the presence of spirit

and the input from the senses.


is the distilling of the feeling

Which is why I keep returning

again and again.


“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”-Anais Nin


Write Wild

Live Amazing


Your Life is a Poem On Being Podcast with Naomi Shihab Nye

Nine. 108.

1. Gray skies, warm cuddles & bread baking. Fall days.

2. As is.

3. Missed.

4. Stargazing.

5. Glittering infinity of wonder.

6. Been beginning.

7. Infused in magic.

8. Breathe in.

9. When the poet becomes the poem…

Nine. 107.

1. Living isn’t easy for you, is it?

2. Heart beats for beauty.

3. Kissing & crickets as the only sound.

4. Love me with your mouth wide open.

5. A vibrant confection.

6. In the silent shadows.

7. Heavy laden with longing.

8. Casting wishes like spells.

9. Tasty smiles.

Nine. 106.

1. Tis the season for falling…

2. Preparing a new bullet journal

3. All the straight lines & empty boxes.

4. A soul with range & depth.

5. Dangerous Beauty.

6. Missed. Always.

7. Fluent in the language of dreams & passion & poetry.

8. Back to being a yoga instructor

9. Because it feels good & moves me.

Nine. 105.

1. “Because I’ve loved you so long,” JayMay Rock Paper Scissors

2. A returning.

3. His gratitude for me is overwhelming & intoxicating.

4. Left hope behind along with a plush frog in another state

5. Feels freeing

6. And oh so empowering

7. I intend… I will…I do.

8. Who are you?

9. I like me better when I’m with you.