paint over it in black

Pinterst Image



the desire to start over is so strong

I am overwhelmed by the need to

burn, cover and toss

(the fire pit knows my name)

instead, this time,

I am going to deviate into a radically differently direction

taking the bits and pieces of creations past

create a canvas of chaos

weave words into connection

I have no idea, no plan, no long term goal

except to write it out

and bare my soul

it probably is not going to be a work of diary-like, non fiction

(been there, tried that, not so much for me)

it feels like it might be poetic truth telling veiled in fantasy

(this excites me!!)

a bit unknown

but I will

be a voice not an echo 2

House of Hispters free printable


the secret stuff I hide from myself…

What you need is out to find you