we are blinded

by wants, dreams & needs

we don’t see reality

(I can be submerged by this tendency)


unsure of who i am

especially when I am a public/online

filtered, stages & a persona


be this, do that

leaves me wide eyed &

blurred minded

(Pressure to be consistent & constant & everywhere is leaving me bone dry empty)


all of me, every part & piece,

as a whole being,

is messy chaotic & so very human

more like art,

here to make one feel,

than beautiful,

which I long to just BE.

(the voice inside which says I am not enough, is a lie)


Ah the ever gray line

of fiction & reality

sometimes one, or the others

and sometimes all three

(not needing to be either/or this/that, it can be and/both bit of everything)


This conflict keeps arising

again and again

maybe it is time to

dance in self-discovery

write to see


(I, as are you, a one of a kind event, why not just be?!)

Let’s #SEE

Stunning Ethereal Emergency




What do you need to know?

What is your biggest struggle right now?

Would you like to dance in the now of questions with me?