communing with you


pink flower

When was the last time

You talked with yourself?

Asked the hard questions,

Sat in the silence

& your heart truly felt.

When was the last time

You took yourself on a date?

Listened to your soul’s whispers

Over a slice of decadent cake

& whispered sweet nothings to your own lips.

When was the last time

you just held your body?

You heard your heart beat,

You felt lungs breathe

You noticed your center squeeze.

When was the last time

You were for you?

Cheered yourself on when the tough times were being gone through

Gave yourself a hug & a kiss just because you skin asked for it

Looked deep into your own eyes for the answers you sought

When was the last time

You truly believed?

You are worth everything you desire

Worth fighting,

Trying for

Loving more.

When, sweet friend.


If not now