A Proposition

He & she both seeking the solace of another

soon to realize, the one they are needing to discover is actually each other

Finding the two at a hotel bar for a drink,

both sipping slowly and deep into think

He looking dangerous in a black suit and white shirt

eyes somber and not at all wanting to flirt

she looking ravishing with her hair done up high

a little black dress ending just at mid thigh

he stalks towards her space, when glances catch

she seems momentarily surprised

then lifts her drink and laughs into his dark eyes

“not able to find what you wanted & needed this evening?” she inquires

He responds deep and disappointed, “not at all, too many pretty little liars.

his voice descends to a dark whisper,

lips close enough to kiss her,

his index finger tilts her chin to guide her eyes upward to his own

“No more sexy banter and innuendo, my Queen.

Surrender all of you,

to me.”


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