He wakes from a night of terrible sleep upon a bed of cold, hard and lonely. Mind filled with violent dreams and unfulfilled cravings. He stays still and keeps his breathing even and eyes closed as he feels for his surroundings.

The surface he has been placed on is cold and unyielding, a slab of some sort. His ears tune into the spaciousness around him. No sound except  his steady breathing, hollow in his head. He feels for the outline of each limb noticing no restrains on wrists or ankles. The scent invading his nostrils is of the mechanical sort. Harsh. Non human. He swallows the thickness collecting in his throat. Turning his head to the side as he opens his eyes and is met with light so bright he is momentarily blinded. A sneeze escapes and the light burns out.

She is standing just outside the door. Listening for his sounds of waking. She pauses her breath as images of his lips bring a smiles to hers. Her palms press against the door as if to push it open. She shakes her head and sighs. Behind her the sound of heavy footfalls approaching fast. She turns to take in the full sight of him. His posture is predatory, along with his glance. He is carrying a rope and a stoic face. She extends her wrists and closes her eyes as he pulls a blindfold from a back pocket.

He pauses with his hand on the back of her neck to the close the distance between their faces to ask,

“are you sure about this?”

Their shared brokenness keeping them apart.

She nods once and trembles.

“It is as it should be,” she lifts her head, turns around and is led down the hall.

A sneeze startles her and stumbles her step.

Her heart beat falters as well.

She is led by the Warrior to an open room.

“You will wait here for the Queen.” His words are filled with longing for another ending.

“There is still time to change this. I can keep you safe and hidden.”

She inhales and shakes her head.

A sharp tap upon stone is heard and a woman moves quickly to the throne as the front of the room.

“My Queen, here is the prisoner you requested.”

It is done then.

Leave us.