Behind the now down form, a male is revealed. Rope wraps around his torso, pinning arms and wings. His visage completely covered in darkness from a deep red veil. Hands hidden behind his back, head high, combat boots heavy and black with noticeable wear appear to hold down the pavement. A wide stance commanding his presence.  A surprising feat considering he is completely at the mercy to the one who holds the knots.

She lowers her weapon and puffs away a strand of hair from her face. The breath catches in her chest, ceasing the rise and fall while her heart beats in needs. And longing. Her heart surges forward, reaching towards him and her body follows. Her deep eyes fixate on the individual behind the prisoner. His eyes a delicious chocolate brown evoking a passion for lust.

He keeps a tight reign on the entwined angel as his chest constricts and pupils dilate. This woman and the power she has over him is frightening. And freeing. He pushes the one imprisoned forward as she nods in approval.

Ash hums deep in his throat. “To do with as you wish, your Majesty.”

A sharp jerk of her head as if she has been slapped is quickly recovered with a deep breath and eyes widened and fierce to the Commander. A slight shake of head as her hand reaches for the ropes he offers.

“Well done, Warrior, ” she murmurs.

This one will make a most wonderful gift to the Queen. The angel trembles slightly beneath the bindings. She leans in to breathe him in.

A scent of apples and sunshine invades her nose as he jerks against the restraints.

“You are a most intriguing combination. Evil and good. Flight and grounded,

I wait in delighted anticipation for the plans set for you,” she says.

His silence is deafening and so very telling.