Quinn & Ash {part 1}


Her short black hair pulled back into a loose bun, tendrils escaping and fighting with the wind. Lush lips beneath dark eyes, searching for something in the shadows. Quieting footsteps while approaching a piece of paper caught on the edge of a trash can lid. She breathes in slowly and silently, inhaling the scent of approaching rain and sharp green apples. The fluttering paper is a distraction she remedies by pulling it away and shoving it deep into a pants pocket. Pistol back at the ready, finger behind the trigger, barrel seeking. The bricks of the building at her back, their surfaces still emitting warmth from the day, does little to slow the chill running up a spine.

Why is she here? What is she pursuing? What does she want?


Gun in slender hands ready to delete those who hunt him.

Predator senses on alert. She knows the smell of him. The freshness of his skin. She licks her lips in anticipation. Smiles in memory.

The breeze picks up and stronger swirls create an almost tornado effect. She pivots while crouching low behind a bag, nose to shoulder and eyes blink close, while drawing smiling lips between her teeth.

A Sanding rises from the pavement.

Monstrous in size, impressive considering the tiny particles of sand shifting together to create it. To watch it form means grit in eyes and stuck to lids. She waits until the breeze stills and the massive roar is heard. Prickles spring upon skin as her finger moves onto the trigger. Turning around on a heel, she takes aim at the wall of sand. A shot rings out and a wall of air bursts from the chamber*. The being-not-of-this-world collapses forward as the pillar of a leg disappears, blowing sand in the wind. Quinn seizes the opportunity and blasts the top structure off the beast, rending it motionless and only a pile of pale tan sand.

* this idea was formed from the fantastic RadioLab episode. Go snapping shrimp!!

next part posts Monday!







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