Quinn & Ash {prelude}

Running through a forest, toes getting caught on vines & crunching leaves.

Breathing heavy & eyes open wild for the fear is consuming.

Being pursued by one.

The moon obscured by clouds and the navigation through the trees is growing impossible.

She dare not glance back, for the pause would cause certain capture.

Running to her rapture.

The redemption in back-slidden existence.

Her eyes begin to blur with tears. On the brink of collapse she is suddenly lifted.


She is so tired. The surrender comes easily, like an exhale after a long hold. Her throat opens and head falls back. Body releasing in the arms which hold her. Darkness cloaks her now still form.

A cold blast of air hits her cheek and eyes pop open wide. A sharp intake of breath, jerks her body upright and her arms find his neck. Pulling herself closer to him and she looks down and sees nothing but air.

The plummet felt next is a surprise for them both. They are falling, turning in air with no hope to grasp. His wing is impaled by an arrow, blood staining white as altitude is lost.

She pushes him away, perhaps he can still lift himself without her weight.

His grip on her body tightens and she whispers, “let go. Not only my time for surrender.” Her lips find his for a light kiss as she grabs his wrists to unlock them.

He only wishes to save her from fate.

She wishes for him the same.

They fall.

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