I slipped
Back into

The promised bliss of


Yes. I know,

April was supposed to be all about the fiction

and twirling in twilight


In my defense

The offense

Was not self-help horrific

It was just a little

Tip-toe transgression

I couldn’t help myself

When Women Were Birds

By the (named obviously tempting)

Terry Tempest Williams.

It was gloriously good. She is a poetic and passionate writer.

Definitely worth the trip.

It was a one time thing!
So in penance, perhaps.

My next read,

The Shining 

by Stephen King.

I have only read his,

imagine this,

Non-fiction book

On Writing

(Amazingly awesome)

I am already afraid….
& as for my next confession

Tomorrow I will post a bit of the story I have dreamed.


Stay tuned…