Layer on more of you.

The softness.

The bold, bright color.

Add a touch of life to each room.

Create your sacred space(s).

So how can we cultivate more small pleasures through our sense of touch? Our skin is hungry for sensation. Run your fingers down your arms, across the fabric of your couch. Take off your shoes and feel the ground beneath your feet. Feel your way through your house.

Photograph the surfaces you touch. Macro setting. Get closer.

What’s touching your skin?

What do you love to touch? Touch brings you deeply into your body.

Touch and embrace your life.

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I hope you have enjoyed the past 11 days together.

More importantly, I sincerely wish for you to enjoy & adore your space.

The one around you and the places inside.

Your hear & your home are yours to love, hold and derive pleasure from.