March 2017 144

Create a tiny cove of quiet.

An altar to honor your big, Wild Spirit.

A place for you to breathe your Spirit into.

This is where you will set your prayer for each day.  A place to set the intention which you carry with you throughout your movements and breaths. A prayer place which holds a powerful intention (peace, focus, spirit, courage, gentleness, focus, gratitude).

What do you need in your life right now?

What qualities do you most want to feel when you look at your altar?

If your altar was a prayer, what would your prayer be?

Place altar in a spot where you will see it often.

What will it be?

Maybe just an empty bowl next to the kitchen sink to remind you to remain open & receptive to what you might encounter during the day.

Perhaps a comfy chair adorned with your favorite blanket, made with love by warm hands. A place to sink into and be wrapped up in.

I have a jar filled with feathers. It reminds me to honor my boundaries and my limitations. It’s a safe space, vulnerable and easily broken. The feathers whisper to be light. Be free. Be me. I visit this jar often throughout my day. The polka dots on the feathers still make me smile each time. 

Reverently & reflectively assemble your altar space with your hand. Even if you don’t know your intention for the creation, it can reveal what you want to know. Allow it to reveal itself.

Shivers of recognition as you reconnect with your soul’s deep desires.