Rise & Shine

Now is the time for a

Bliss Filled Beginning


Are you filled with joy when you awaken?

How do I want to feel at the end of the day?

Find it now.

Infuse your morning with your how want to feel in your life.

Create rituals that support your dreams & nourish your soul

What morning rituals would support your bliss?

What the best mornings are made of:

A pause to cherish the moments in the madness

claim the calm spaces & breathe

It does not take much time. Mostly an intention. Believe this is good.So good.

This life. Your life. You.

Try this:

Hello Morning!

write here what makes you feel good in the morning when you wake up

then write about your intentions for the day, starting with “thank you for..” or “I am deeply grateful…”

Yawn & Stretch luxuriously.


And so begins a morning of madness & magic…

March 2017 229