I have no home but me. -Anne Truitt

The place to abode & abide. To sleep, “perchance to dream.” The place to brush teeth, comb hair and laundry. Oh the laundry.

The spot to cherish memories, remember others & adore self.

Where love clutters every corner & overflows each flat surface. A venue to showcase loveliness. A gallery of a life lived full.

Savoring the simple sacred mess of it all. The divine mundane which surrounds.

Our home as our canvas. Our Soul as our stories.Because  life & love is art.

Let’s make it something to behold. 

Beauty is a universal need that feeds the soul. The erotic, the artistry, deep sensuality & feeling. We come to know our divinity, the vast presence that we are, by being fully here, now and we do this by the way of our senses, the heart & the belly. To know, and live, that you are both supremely sacred and absolutely human is the magnificent gift of being alive.

Home is a reflection of your life, glorious, messy, beautiful.

Let’s Create

A place of stillness to recover from the over-everything. A place filled with grace filled with elegance, ease, love, kindness, softness & luminous flow. Simplicity, the new luxury.

Live simply, love deeply & laugh abundantly.


We begin Monday.





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