Bending on knees to rub lotion into little chubby feet as they giggle from the “tickles.” Kneading arches into calm submission and slowly gliding knuckles to toes to calm internal organs. Touches which heal and bring them back to smooth and serene, softening the jagged edges from a day lived on full throttle wide open. Creating connection and security in the rituals and rhythms of our lives together. Our family. Our tribe. Easing them into sleep. Breathing in deep. To sprinkle slumber dust and kisses on lash-touched cheeks as they transition to a land of protein folding and unedited dreams.

Taking a moment to notice the peace after lashes meet cheeks. The deep breath taken when the day is done.

I aim to slow down & appreciate the many dimensions, all 5 senses, of where I am.

Soak in & savor the now.

I am deeply committed to loving myself. My life. This now.

Devoted to loving me.

My life, as is, worthy of noticing. Capturing. Celebrating. Make my moments matter.

And so are you. and so is yours.