What if I approached my life like an artist?

This life is my masterpiece. My painting. My symphony. Maybe I don’t get to have every color in the palette. Most days my canvas seems small, insignificant and messy. Perhaps my violin is out of tune and the cello is off beat.But I can decide to make the best out of what I have. That’s the challenge, the beauty and the experiment of life. Each day I choose how I will view my “everyday mundane” or see it as my “ordinary extraordinary.” I can take pictures of the sunrise and view the beauty capture. I can write words to purge my soul and remember the good. I can open my hands to the love all around instead of keeping a tight fist of control on everything. Nothing is in my control. Only my attitude.

Inspiration is everywhere.

What if the mess of creation holds beauty too? What if the ideas dancing in my head are not meant to be in sync? What if it’s all madness and magic?

What if I used my own photos in my work?

Wait, What?!

I would like to think the Spirit is making love to me each moment, I just have to be aware. Notice. Breathe it in. Celebrate the little things-the hot coffee, the sunbeams through a dirty window, the hair brushing my neck, & the little fingers wrapped around my heart.

What if it’s the tiny shifts & changes that really make the big differences in our lives?

What if I looked for ways to add doses of joy in each moment?

To seek the magic in the mundane? The beauty in the mess? The order in the chaos?

Heaven is in your next inhale, your heartbeat, your creative exhale.

What if you did too?