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Listen Well, Dear One

you are enough

you hurt. I know. life hurts. the challenges are painful and there is struggle.

you strive and reach and try and trip. all will be well.

you are a blessing. you have worth, even when you fail.

your eyes are filled with tears. you are still beautiful.

always beautiful.

people hurt you, so deeply. it’s because you care and because your heart is big and pure and true. Keep being open. You are amazing for just being you.

maybe. just a thought. you need to focus on you. the love for you is the most important thing you can nurture. don’t worry. it will overflow into others. they get the overflow.

YOU matter. I am so proud of you. you make me smile.

please keep up the hope. and the love.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

You are the finest,

loveliest, tenderest, 

and most beautiful

person I have ever known-

and even that 

is an understatement. -F. Scott Fitzgerald

What do you long to hear?