Lost without a mission

Lost without a purpose

Lost without a war or a fight, except the one screaming in my head

Where am I going?

Who am I?

What am I doing here on this Earth?!

Indeed, the great questions.

Ones I will spend a lifetime answering. Searching for. Reaching to.

Breathe here.

Please just breathe.

I am here to find out who I am. Be the most me I can be. Lost on a trail of wonder, discovery and dreams. Finding joy in the everyday mundane. Seeking out the beauty in the ordinary.

Not all those who wonder and wander are lost.

There is darkness and light in the lost places. Seek out each equally. Find out the places you hide from in your soul. Lost without love. Charity. Seeking the true source of me. The divine spark deep in my heart. The light that fills me from within that longs to be poured out in the world. I will be here in the lost place, probably all the time. Finding and losing myself and my way again and again. There is peace in the knowing of the uncertainty. The changes. The newness. The chance to begin again.