1. Clean up, clear the clutter. Set a time for 15 min and move stuff out!

2. Lighten the palette-change the colors which surround you to light and white. Feel the expansion by changing the tone.

3. Change the textures. Switch to natural, breathable fabrics-cotton rugs, organic cotton sheets. Surround yourself with items begging to be touched.

4. Freshen up-use non toxic cleaning products made with citrus, vinegar & baking soda. Fill a small spray bottle with water and a few drops of lavender, orange or lemon essential oil for misting furniture, linens and carpets. Cleaning the soul and your space. Freshening your world with scents fresh.

5. Eat light-seek out whole, in-season foods to nourish you without weighing you down. As close to nature as possible. Whole. Nourishing. Fill.

When your space (body, soul & domicile) is open, the sun shines through!

I will light up every room I walk into

I am surrounded by light & space

This mission focuses on action. Choose at least one of these steps to work towards this week. Choose again next week. And again. And again. Do it!

Simplify, then add lightness