The current which flows is divine.

You are divine

The Divine lives within you. As you. How will you listen to your true Spirit?

This divinity, this Divine Spark is here to help you along your path. Lift you up when you trip and help you when you stumble. It wants nothing but the best, most wonderful things for you. The good stuff. All for you.

What does the Divine look like to you? Browse through a magazine, carry your camera with your or skim Pinterest. Let the image of the Divine find you. Keep your eyes open and your heart receptive. What represents the Divine in you?

Today I am awakened to Divine Wisdom

Today I am open and receptive to Divine Guidance

Today I am grateful to Divine Wisdom for showing me the way to my dreams

Today I know the Divine Right Actions to take to achieve my goals

Today and Everyday. And so it is.

From Jennifer LoudenHow might allowing myself to remember that I am Divine help me rest this week, even in the midst of my busyness?

How indeed…