unafraid of the unknown

Photo courtesy of Achtergrondjes

Lots of changes
Ever changing
Not sure who I am, where I stand in all of this craziness of changing.

Hope I will emerge triumphant-stronger, wiser and more lovely.
While in the depths of it I just don’t know.

Feeling lost. Knowing what I don’t want. Not sure what I do.

The unknown encompasses. Surrounds. So many questions. So few answers.

Fear of the unknown? Nah. Curious. I wonder and I wander.

One big I don't know

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Indeed it has.

I know who I love. I know who I need.

That is enough.

So. Bottom Line:

Create Yourself

Creating oneself with the questions. Through the questions.

This is life.

What are your questions?

How are you living the questions?