I believe sprinkles and sparkles make me and the day shine brighter

I believe in kissing. A lot. With sound and spit

I believe in the power and perfect fit of hugs

I believe in the deep soul nourishing properties of chubby thighs and soft bellies

I believe in drinking in & tasting life. Savor. All of it.

I believe in miracles and possibility

I believe this moment is the best moment

I believe in trying again. And again. And again

I believe in the power of stories. Each unique and priceless. As are each of us

I believe in love as a choice. As strength. As the lovely sticky stuff that holds the world together

I believe a smile makes anyone and everyone beautiful

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What do you believe?

I have a sense of pride in who I am & I believe in myself.
I know the greatness begins in the minds of the great.
I know that what I believe about myself is what I will become.
I believe in the very best for myself.
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams  -Eleanor Roosevelt