It started when…

I let go.
When I stopped grasping and instead opened my palm.
I stopped seeking the flawless and found the alluring mystery.
I trusted in magic and mayhem, in the chaos and the beauty.
I cried, raindrops like the pieces of me I was setting free to fall.
Tears of remembrance and release.
It started when I made space for the recently discovered and collected that which I love. Surrounding myself with the energy of enthusiasm and affirmation.
When I not only asked the questions, but lived them too.
When I ceased to search for the perfect answer.
I chose to be in this wild unknown moment.
When I write my story, all the parts and pieces in a masterpiece of confusion.
The tale of torment, tragedy and trouble.
My report of rapture, the rare and rapport.
It is luscious, luminous and love.
My life is a love story.
When I used my voice to lift and inspire.
I spill words to strike feeling and shine on souls.
I circle in and around love.
Always an ending and a new beginning.


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