Be a brave little doughnut.

With sprinkles.

Be Brave

Printable from Shanty2Chic

bold, spunky, gutsy, valorous, courageous

You are doing with your life what only you could do. And THAT is brave -Annie F. Downs

To be afraid and to be brave is the best courage of all -Alice Dalglvesh

You are much braver than you think and stronger than you can image. Your dreams are ready to be lived. They need your brave to be realized. Even with fear, you can act. Beautiful one, you can do the hard things. For one moment longer you can flex your strength inside. I want to see you be brave.

Show me how big your brave is. -Sarah Bareilles.

Be brave. Be beautiful. Be you.

• How can you be brave today?

• What does brave mean to you today?

I am brave.
 Today I will do one small brave thing.

How can I be brave today?

Try a new food, speak up, say you’re sorry first,

be who you truly are.

I Want to See You Be Brave by Sara Bareilles

A Brave Pinterest Board 

Children’s Picture Books about Courage

Books and Series for Kids Who Like Warriors

Children’s Books about Being Yourself


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