In Tears & Sunshine


The need to earn my worth has created scars on my heart. I strive everyday to produce, create & clean. I am tired. I look around and all I see is filth.

The lie of deserving love only if I am useful has got to go. I am awesome even when I do not do anything status update worthy.

I am shedding skin & releasing dreams. I am grieving & growing. It is ok to show up as a tangled mess during transformation. More than ok. It is necessary. Otherwise I feel as if I am disappearing. Dying a bit more everyday.

I am neck deep in the season of Littles. Surrounded by energy & love yet feeling spent & alone. I am in constant need of reminding-there is importance & honor in this space.

I need a whispered, tender, mothering reminder to & for myself.

Remind me I am love. I am enough. I am beautiful. Whisper the words my bleeding heart longs to hear.

Listen for the poetic loveliness among the mayhem & magic of an ordinary life.

Relax. Rest. Breathe. Be.

You are enough.

I abide in gentle chaos & soft darkness.

As I hope you do also.


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