All will change.

Life is change.
Chaos. Mess. Beauty. Peace.
Everything changes.
Hope in the knowing & guarantee.
The cells of our bodies turn over and fresh ones rise.
Control is an illusion.
Change is coming soon.
Constant flux and movement.
You are always in motion.
In change.
Let this knowledge and truth move you.
Faith that it is true.
Get outside.
Move you body.
Children move to grow.
Grow to move.
Let your atoms ripen and wake up to the change occurring within.
Live the change.
Love the change.
Be the change.

Tell me about you.
I want to hear about your changes. Your growth. Your movement.
We are all in this together.
We got this.

Please share you.
Just reply. I am here, just behind the screen.
Changing too.


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