2015-12-05 07.46.25

While mixing Copycat Chick-fil-A Nuggets, listening to

Losing the Plot Line &

Going into the Creative Unknown

from Jennifer Louden

And of course, a few repeat plays of Taylor Swifts Wildest Dreams & some Adele Hello

Struggling with filling out the 2016 Shining Life Workbook from Leonie Dawson.

Dreaming is proving difficult right now. I can’t seem to pull out the lens far enough to even catch a glimpse of a bigger picture. This has never been a challenge for me. I chased & worked toward the “fantasy of someone else’s success,” from How to Breathe from Zen Habits.

I recently sent all of the blog posts I have ever written to this space. Gone are the other five blogs I have begun.

Endings. New beginnings.

Said goodbye to the Radiant MS Renegades group I began two years ago. Dismantled the binder, made the calls, sent the texts.

Only one seemed to care.

More surrender.

Deep breath.

Just breathe.

Let go.

Meditation to Release & Let Go from Teal Swan.

You are not the person you once were. Today…you are part of yesterday, bit of tomorrow. Embrace for change-don’t fight it. You are the NOW. You be it. Own it. You. Now! -Joel Clark

This sharing, this acknowledgment, of what it is to be human-this was the faint light of hope from the edge of melancholy. -Dani Shapiro Devotion

Let me know your hopes & dreams. I would love to be a supportive beam of light for you.

In my confusion, I can unfold love.

This delicious discomfort can bring nourishment.

For you.






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