Rose Tipped in Pink
Rose Tipped in Pink

I am sending you…

Sunshine  ribbons of warm light

Wind whispers-listen closely

Adventure Owls reminding you to always believe in yourself

Spider webs to remind you of spontaneity and the joyful feeling that comes with finishing well what you start

Sunsets ablaze showing you how to see & protect what you believe in

Star gazing so you will always know where you are and may gently lead the way

Moon beams to help you celebrate you-true and pure love.

I wish for you…

to be lit from within by living intentionally. Don’t just let life happen to you. Make goals and then make them happen..

to clean & simplify

to create your space by feeling like you belong inside of your skin and inside of your life. That sense of belonging is essential. Do the work that gets you there, let go of the things that don’t.

to listen to your body and your inner-self and give you what you need, even when it’s telling you what you don’t want to hear, listen anyway.

to discover exactly what you need to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit and then let it into your life.

to love things with passion. Delight in the little things. It’s the little moments that make up the bulk of our lives. Don’t overlook them, don’t cease to appreciate them

to give.

to receive an abundance of love, friendship, and support. Those things a happy life make. Seek out those things, even if it’s only from yourself.

to be flawed and know that you are worth loving and being cherished for exactly who you are. Let me repeat: You are worth loving.

to be nothing but yourself.

to love yourself. Deeply, completely, and unconditionally. If you strive for anything this year, strive for that.

to begin again, each time fearless



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